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Amid Ongoing Israeli Crackdown, Three Palestinians Killed in Al-Aqsa Mosque Protests


Amid Ongoing Israeli Crackdown, Three Palestinians Killed in Al-Aqsa Mosque Protests

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

At least three Palestinians reportedly have been killed by gunfire, and more than a hundred injured, in clashes with Israeli forces on Friday, during large-scale protests against enhanced security measures at the Al-Aqsa mosque, according to reports from the Ma’an News Agency and Al-Jazeera.


And Kushner was seen jumping up and down waving blue and white pom-poms while dancing to hava nagila (his “peace” policy for the Middle East is going just as planned).


So a guy comes out of the Noble Sanctuary mosque shooting Israelis, killing two.
The Israeli response, putting up metal detectors so that any future guns can be found, is mild and reasonable. Unlike, say, the Jordanian response of keeping all Jews away from the Wailing Wall (same building, equally sacred) from 1948 to 1967.

Great opportunity for Palestinians to renew their victimhood. Occupy the streets, throw stones and whatever else, and produce the expected martyrs.

Nobody on either side is a hero. Both sides have committed atrocities. Both sides have PTSD. The Israelis need to pull out of the West Bank, and the Palestinians need to give up the “right of return,” which would eventually destroy the one Jewish State. There are about 55 Islamic States.

And here in the West, to take a side, either side, just helps encourage the carnage, which WE don’t have to suffer.


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