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Amid Pandemic and Endless War, 170+ Global Organizations Urge World Leaders to 'Recommit to Peace Today'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/18/amid-pandemic-and-endless-war-170-global-organizations-urge-world-leaders-recommit

It didn’t work the first time. No reason to suppose it will work 6 months later.

HI wingsodadove:

sigh----maybe they can bring all world leaders together in one place —and then— not let them leave until SANITY and a sense of humanity for all is understood. It takes us all to save the EARTH.------Maybe put them all o an island---- kind of like that game show—but instead of having just one world winner—no one can leave until they ALL win. : )

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They are asking the wrong leaders, they need to talk to the war profiteers because peace is an anathema to them!

There is only one leader who immediately springs to mind who does not deserve to be lumped with the rest of the warmongers (except for some deposed - through no fault of their own - South American leaders) and that is Jacinda Ardern. What a woman and leader.

But ultimately it’s the leaders of the countries who buy and use those weapons.

Hi wingsofadove…
I don’t know of Jacinda Ardern. I don’t know of her, BUT I will be looking her up to find out. thank you. : )

True, they use them, but I’m betting there’s a lot of “we’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse” by the manufactures we don’t see behind closed doors.

The only things that stand between us and peace are Democrats Republicans and the Security State.

To help you out. No 13 is the most significant for me:


Peace is the only way to a sustainable future. With peace, we can reduce and eventually eliminate the costs of the current war footing we continuously rely on, but which never works. With Peace and the hutzpah to make the changes for peace dominant and central to a worldview of how to even have a future for all, most especially the young. Mutual security treaties for all nations who believe that the young deserve a chance at life. Institute the sacred one person, one vote as the mandate for each and every nation who wishes to have a future. Reward the nations who value the future by enabling them to sufficiently tax the wealthiest for the needs of their citizens’ needs. There’s only one way out babe, and we all have to get through that door.

For world leaders to “recommit to peace”, they would have to renounce the lust for power that took them into office and eradicate the capitalist, “chosen” master race, “Manifest Destiny” delusions that have brought us to this dark place.

As Assata Shakur Stated: "Nobody in the world, nobody in history has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of those who were oppressing them."

Most of the “world leaders” and their capitalist puppeteers are the point of origin of the malignant cancer that is destroying humanity.

Like any cancer, this cultural malignancy MUST be excised. It is not in the nature of cancer or “world leaders” to voluntarily cease to metastasize or to cease to be malignant.

My reply is what recon fire said…

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Until the masses of sheeple realize they have been screwed by both the Republican and Democratic war mongers who enable this Modus Operanadi of: ENDLESS BOGUS AND MANUFACTURED ENEMIES; FOR ENDLESS WARS; FOR ENDLESS WAR PROFITS, I cannot see much hope!


I agree wholeheartedly.

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Hi wingsofadove:
Oh I loved both 13 and 14. Actually I loved her in everything. But for her NOT to say that killer man’s name was wonderful— after the deaths of so many. I love too that she spoke to the nation in several languages----recognizing the many who make up the All of New Zealand.
We are not the greatest nation—New Zealand is. It’s amazing what having priorities in the correct order can do for a nation. : )

The fight over money and who gets it or benefits from it has always been immoral, but it is once again in the limelight. Massive arms sales and fossil fuel exploitation are killing us.