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Amid Pandemic, Trump Petitions Supreme Court to Make Potential Covid-19 Exposure 'the Price of Abortion Care'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/amid-pandemic-trump-petitions-supreme-court-make-potential-covid-19-exposure-price

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Alex Azar have all stated they are pro-life. The opinion of doctors using medical judgement or women in need of their care don’t matter.

This is what Trump has done his entire adult life, he uses the courts, not to seek redress of a problem, but to bend the situation to his will, like not paying contractors for work they have done for him. It’s well past time for judges to demand he accept their rulings, stop wasting the courts time, the taxpayers money, and stop using the Justice Department as his personal law firm.

TRUMP is showing us the pressures put on him by Evangelicals –
and Elites to overturn Roe –

and he is going to deliver at all costs –

If we ever rid ourselves of this fascist GOP and fascist president –

There is an ocean of changes we need to demand in regard to our government’s
laws/regulations –

Let’s start with a “NO CONFIDENCE” vote for removal of the president and his party –

this is due to the sad fact that minorities are more susceptible to the virus–thus his plan kills more minorities–a truly dystopian racist vision for America by the racist supported by 1/2 our population—can anyone say “institutional societal racism” ?