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Amid Phoenix Heat Wave, DNC Committee Hears Anti-Fracking Arguments



How would a national ban on fracking affect votes in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Colorado? The answer to that question will probably determine the fate of a national ban on fracking in the Democratic platform.


Right. Science is nothing to these corporate tools, and civilizational breakdown is nothing to these corporate tools, and mass extinction is nothing to these corporate tools.


It's going to be impossible for Clinton to walk back her championing of fracking abroad when she was Secretary of State, let alone return the campaign cash she's received from fracking interests. To let her administration regulate fracking would mean no regulation at all. The practice needs to be banned entirely---Earth can't wait for incremental measures!


What a surprise, that Carol Browner, Bill Clinton's appointee and Hillary's designee to the Platform committee, doesn't support anything that would actually lead to any substantive changes. Clinton, she of the forked-tongue, wants to convey the "message" that she is concerned... but certainly doesn't want anything that will affect her long abiding relationship with the fossil fuels industry.
Seriously, even if a Platform is created with all kinds of noble statements / principles...does a single person (even among her fans) really believe that she would uphold it with actions consistent with that platform?
Still, she loves to wiggle amongst the words...so the corporatists manage to keep the Platform statements ambiguous enough, she'll be able to say that she IS following the Platform.


Quite so. The corporate, New Dems use the word "regulate" as a smoke-screen. For example, the State of Colorado, under John Hickenlooper, supported industry suits agaiinst communities banning or more stricltly regulating fracking. Under significant public pressure (he's hated by a good portion of Dems), he appointed a task force to study the issue & make recommendations for new reg's. Of course he stacked it with industry's friends; & set groundrules such that no meaningful improvements could issue forth. Now he, along with former Dem governor Romer (and Repubs, of course) are doing industry-paid propaganda ads to dampen public support for citizen initiatives giving local communities some local control.
There are few if any meaningful regulations in effect for fracking, at least when it comes to protecting ground water, or giving harmed citizens recourse to sue for damages, etc.
It's a sham. And the Clintonites want to keep that status quo.


My suspicion is that Coloradans overall would be supportive of a ban on fracking...even despite the vast sums of money the F'ers are dumping into propaganda to imply it's safe, regulated, etc.


I love the euphemistic "took a more nuanced approach." Yeah, like "let's make sure to say or promise NOTHING of substance," because, as all of the above commentators observe, it just ain't going to happen on the Clintons' watch.


A nationwide ban of fracking would not go over too well in my rust-belt area.

The only possible legitimate argument for a ban on fracking would be to argue for it as part of a ban on ALL fossil fuel production and use - but nobody is proposing that. Why?

With recent improvements and tougher regulation in the handling of the waste and well construction, fracking has no more pollution impact and disruption than any other kind of oil or gas field development - which is to say, it is pretty disruptive and not very clean. But there are more environmentally destructive fossil fuel extraction going on - like mountaintop removal strip mining or longwall underground coal mining - which not only potentially pollutes - but it dries up water tables and surface streams altogether!


i certainly am proposing that, a ban on all fossil fuel production and use.

And no that's not the only legitimate context for a ban on fracking.


The 120 weather is not expected to hit until Sunday. If the DNC Committee does not get out of town on Saturday, they will be stuck in Phoenix because the minute the temp goes to 118, the airport is closed. Seems the hot air is so thin commercial planes don't have enough lift to get off the ground. Smaller planes stick to the melted asphalt or make ruts in it.


BAN FRACKING:"Sanders rival and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's stance on fracking is in line with that platform—she has said the government should regulate fracking but has not called for the ban that Sanders has." As Bernie fades away, so will his views and words of positions that people want to here. As he becomes absorbed back into the Dems, things will remain the same....Status Quo.
BERNIE Supporters-....Your Choice.... Stay the Course with Bernie with the Dem-Party and get more of the same. Or Consider Alternatives, such as the GREEN Party.


The DNC (read: the Clinton family) will listen politely, say a few words that sound like they might do something, and go back to business as usual...


When was there ever a news item with this lead: Horrors of horrors, elected Democrat fails to uphold party platform?

Sanders is obligated to see this process through, but it has no real meaning. It is part of the show the two major parties perform every four years. As soon as the new platform is approved by the delegates (in an up or down vote), and the CON does its hack job, this platform, like every one before it, will hit the circular file cabinet.

It irritates me no end that Sanders' reps will fight their hearts out to drag the platform into the future, only to have it entirely ignored. I hope Sanders meets with some success in the rules committee because that's where real democratic change for the Democratic Party will actually occur--or not.


Yes the committee is " hearing " but are they really listening? Maybe turning off the AC would facilitate their senses ?


Let’s once again look at Hillary Clinton’s (and by extension the DNC, of which she is symbiotically enmeshed with) response to those that pleaded with her to use her authority to prevent avoidable death and destruction:

There is nothing in HRC’s history that indicates she will listen to the side of wisdom and compassion-----nothing. Her compass is directed by money and power. If she sees a ban on fracking as a way to help her gain power maybe she’ll use that but that would not be for the right reason----obviously.

She errs on the side of destruction and death which includes her stance on fracking and carbon tax(she would not agree to impose carbon tax).

The fact that the DNC needs to be pleaded with to stop fracking which contributes to the destruction of life on earth is unconscionable.

“Few problems are less recognized, but more important than, the accelerating disappearance of the earth's biological resources. In pushing other species to extinction, humanity is busy sawing off the limb on which it is perched.” Paul Ehrlich


If You Really Liked What Bernie Stood For:.......Then you will love what the Green Party stands for.


SINGLE PAYER HEALTH--- another great example of Hillary'w lust for Money & Power is the Negation of Bernie's choice for the Platform.
This person was the leader or a Representative from one of the Nursing Groups promoting Single Payer Healthcare; sorry forgot her name.
This person was voted down by the DNC to join the committee choosing the Dem's platform. This is their way of saying that SPH is off of the table, that it will not be even discussed.
If Hillary was a bit compassionate & cared for the health of our people, this issue of SPH would be top of the line.
Instead- HRC backing the Pharma & Insurance companies votes for the current Insurance based system.
GREEN PARTY FAVORS SINGLE PAYER HEALTH.....why not the Dems ?? why not the Repubs...??


Yes, all these examples are as clear as the latest readings of CO2:

We could go on and on about HRC and her power trip that people are choosing to join her on . . . . .

All I can say today is wtf is wrong with people that can't see this?
Who is the commenter who states with regularity: "Wake up America!" (his/her name escapes me now)?

Looks like most of america will stay in a zombie like state until awoken (or is it awakened? where is sioux rose when you need her? My grammar is horrid!) by hunger, thirst or fatal wet bulb temperatures due to climate change-----that awakening will not be pretty.


Fracking Destroyed Water Supply
A small rural town in Alberta Canada has water coming from their faucet that easily ignites. All because of fracking in the area.