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Amid Planned Parenthood Hubbub, a Rallying Cry to the Pro-Choice Majority


Amid Planned Parenthood Hubbub, a Rallying Cry to the Pro-Choice Majority

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As advocates of reproductive rights scramble to defend the reputation of a key women's healthcare provider amid an ongoing conservative assault, author and Nation columnist Katha Pollit is calling on those who support a women's right to choose to come forth and say, 'Abortion is a part of life.'


A Feral Human Being’s Bill of Rights

You have a right to worship your orgasm in the any manner which you choose regardless of the consequences.
You have a right to engage in behavior that leads to pregnancy and no responsibility for the life you sire or conceive.
You have a right to expect whatever “services” it takes to end the pregnancy resulting from your behavior.
You have a right to expect others to “understand” your actions and the “feelings” that result from such behavior.
If others don’t agree with your decision, you have a right to expect them to shut up about what they don’t like while allowing government funding of the services your “rights” demand. .
It is your right that If you want a child then that which is growing in your abdomen (or that which your activity sired) is a child, but if you don’t want a child, then presto-chango it becomes an “unviable tissue mass”.
You have a right to refuse either a vasectomy or having your fallopian tubes tied or cut just in case at some future time you might want to try the parent thing.


Abso frakking lutely!
Isn’t it odd how guilty we have been made to feel?
The vast majority of abortions are done long before anything remotely resembling “viability” has been reached, and even then, it is my belief that so long as it resides in another human’s body, it is that living breathing human’s choice whether that resident gets born or not.
When we eat eggs we don’t say we are eating pre-born chickens (even when fertilized).
When farm animals are said to “reabosorb” pregnancies, we don’t mourn the loss. We really need to get the hell over ourselves. We are just another biological organism. Sure, once born every human is all our responsibility (big a secret as it is kept) and we need rules and laws to keep us from hacking each other to death. But before emergence and breath, we are just a resident in someone else’s body who gets to decide our fate. As the bumper sticker saiys “If you can’t trust me with a choice, why would you trust me with a child?”

So long as we live in a world where the only qualification required for human reproduction is attaining puberty with functioning gonads, we will continue to live in a world that abso-fraking-lutely NEEDS abortion.

So long as we have people willing to murder doctors in order to “save babies” rather than be willing to create a caring world with parenting, food, shelter, education and valuable work for anyone born, abortion will be a necessity we can not live without.


Ok, i dig it. Hey, I know, let’s get the medical and research community to develope reversable procedures to prevent pregnancy…the golden spigot they talked about in the 70s.
If I were queen of the universe…everybody would have their tubes tied at birth. When adulthood is reached and an accredited parenting program (4 years minimum!) successfully passed…then you can petition the population control department to have the proceedure reversed for ONE pregnancy. Rinse and repeat for any subsequent pregnancies desired. I would outlaw fertility treatment as counter to human survival. Octomom and her doctors ought to have been judged guilty of crimes against humanity as well as abuse of each of the resultant babies. Anyone having more than 2 kids ought to pay a fine for each child above the replacement level of birth, consider it a usage fee for mother earth.


Ahh…here we go. What makes us different? Those things you mention are the VERY things that make HUMAN BEINGS different from FETUSES. Which sorta proves my point.
Good on ya! Choices to HAVE children as well as to NOT have children also have consequences. I happen to believe that it is a far worse choice to have babies the world can ill afford and will not care for than it is to have sex, get pregnant and choose to abort. Sex is not a crime punishable by childbirth. Sex is not always about men who take advantage of women and the bad girls who cooperate. CONSENTUAL sex is one of the coolest fun things for which we have bodies to enjoy. Babies should NEVER be the ‘consequence’ for behavior YOU disapprove of.


You have described quite accurately aspects of the dystopia depicted in Brave New World by Huxley and it is neither brave nor new and no place any thinking human would choose.


The scientific experiments on aborted body parts is eerily similar to the scientific experiments on twins and humans in the Third Reich.

Depending who is in power everything and anything can be justified one way or another. The two nuclear bombs which devastated two Japanese cities was and still is also justified. The killings of many indigenous people by the Spanish and British and other Europeans in America was also justified. The death penalty has also been justified. Many people who are for the death penalty are against abortions and many people who are for abortions are against the death penalty. All that can be justified in people’s minds.


Good on you, Ms. Pollit. No human being should have to appologize for his or her health care choices.


Godwin’s Law Strikes again.

Excellent article. Women controlling their own reproduction is vital to their own economic equality.
I think these anti-choice men ‘get it’. They want their power back.
Middle class and wealthy women will always get their abortions. I had a neighbor in the 60s that flew to Sweden for hers when it was illegal here. I feel if one of these supposed ProLifers want to force women to bring a fetus to term, they should be forced to pay 15 thousand more in taxes annually to house, feed, clothe and educate the child they want born at least. Put your money where your mouth is.


Well, Poet, you have the right to post this irrelevant, hyperbolic drivel, and I have the right to dismiss it as the rantings of a marginalized zealot. SEE ya!


What I don’t see here or anywhere else is a cogent progressive response to the damaging video in question. Who were the women saying this. How true is it? What will be the reasonable consequences? That’s what I want to know, not just ignore it and continue to wave the upside down flag as blindly as the “other side”.


When women in the United States lose the ability to direct their own lives, they become a marginalized
society. The remainder of the civilized world is not so stupidly petty in this regard. We should look at
Nigeria and other African nations which are hamstrung by a wave of overpopulation growing constantly
larger. They can’t cope now; what about next year?


Everyone seems to be missing a major point here.

Selling born babies is highly profitable, especially for certain religious groups. Planned Parenthood puts a damper on that industry.

The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking, and the New Gospel of Adoption

And, BTW, forced adoption may cause WAY more regrets than a chosen abortion.


Yes, Yes, Yes! This is so true. Talk about selling “babies”! These religious people have been doing it for years. My neighbor ended up spending 52 thousand (this was back in 1983) to adopt her daughter from a religious church group. Some went to the lawyers, but most went to the religious baby-brokers Big bucks indeed!


As PeeWee Herman used to sing, “Connect the dots. La-la-la-la.”


Until we men have to walk around with the equivalent of a watermelon under our belts, then pass close to death to push it out, then spend three years or so nursing the progeny we should shut up and leave this matter to our dear sisters. Our job is to support them in whatever they decide to do with their bodies.


Zuzu, so you would advocate for the government (you as queen and your population control department) making medical decisions for women and you would disallow women making their own reproductive choices? That sounds very anti-choice. I guess if you’re so sure you’re right about what others should do it’s easy for anyone to use whatever power they have to take away options from others.


Indeed it is…as anti-choice as you can get, correct?
It is called sarcasm, or irony on a base level…which, the internet and written word can oft times fail to adequately project. No, I may wish I were Queen of the Fairy Tail Universe of my own fervid imagination, but in the real world, for better or worse, I believe in choice, even when it ain’t my choice. (Which means y’all got the right to be wrong.)