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Amid Protest Threats, Critics Mock Trump's Factually Inaccurate Reason for Canceling UK Trip


Amid Protest Threats, Critics Mock Trump's Factually Inaccurate Reason for Canceling UK Trip

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Real reason for cancellation: Trump would have been first U.S. President to get more protesters in London than attendees at his inauguration."


If only Trump could get a clue and crawl back under his gilded rock.


The Brits are showing us Yanks how it is done. Why are we not filling our streets to overflowing to protest this absolutely racist, white supremacist, absolutely horrific president? We should be more like the Brits.


Part of the dynamic that is virtually never mentioned, much less analyzed, much less addressed by an alternative applicable overview, is simply the corrosive consequences of what the trump “model” is setting us on line for. To allow scrambling as fascist method - as the system IS ALLOWING - is a direct reflection of how deeply dependant the system is on the EXTERNALIZATION and DENIAL, otherwise known as PROFIT MARGIN - whereas REAL people and reality fully recognize that extermination (generally spoken of as ‘not important’) is the intent.

This also contains an extremely corrosive spiritual and psychological dimension that needs to be nurtured very conscientiously.

Love is the evolutionary spark


I say “Bravo” to the British! Why aren’t we doing this, on at least a monthly basis?

Oh, I forgot. We would be pepper-sprayed, beaten, arrested and possibly even shot!


Oh how i wish he had gone to London what a relief that would have been to see trump wiping off rotten eggs off his orange hair.


Shoot back!


I believe part of the problem Mike, is our pathetic educational system that does not fully teach, especially history, (no offense intended to teachers, but administrators, corrupt “school boards”, and economic pressure) - how sadly and tragically uninformed our students are. Between education and the corruption/overt purchase of our Fourth Estate media/press, and “religious” indoctrination/brainwashing, our electorate and people are poorly equipped to separate truth from fiction or be outraged at the barrage of betrayals from both political hack parties!


Tragically uninformed goes along with the 2016 election having the worst voter turn out in 70 years. If we all at least showed up to vote I would have to accept the result as the statement of the American people. But how do you inject enthusiasm into the American voters when you have Trump versus Clinton? The Democrats ran one of their long term insiders which turned the election into a display of apathy. Republicans ran the most horrific candidate possible, which turned into the most horrific president ever. What are we going to do differently in future elections?


Clean house in the Democrat party. Find a real leader like Bernie.


Correct Mike, about 43% of eligible voters didn’t bother - not that tweedle dee or tweedle dumb were much of a choice! The people have been betrayed by both R’s & D’s repeatedly, and criminally!

The R’Con party is beyond redemption or reason, and the Dem establishment now in control are complicit enablers/agents of the rule of the 1%, profits above people, and the war/security-state machine - delusional corrupt liars and sellouts in their own right, who deserve not support but contempt…IMO. The coming “s-elections” will again be the choice between overt evil and the LOTE - still evil - unless more like Bernie Sanders can prevail. .We must do better or we are all toast, but realistically there isn’t another game (party) in town…keep the faith!


So rump claims that Obama sold the embassy for “peanuts”. Let’s see those peanuts. Oh there are no peanuts. That means rump lied which also means that rump’s statement counts as defamation. If rump gets his Libel Laws that he wants to, I see no reason why Obama couldn’t sue rump. Indeed the it would have been an embarrassment for the Queen to meet with that orange thing.


Chump twit sez: “Reason I canceled my trip to London is that I am not a big fan of the Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for “peanuts,” only to build a new one in an off location for 1.2 billion dollars. Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!”

What his ‘base’ sees: “blahblahblahblah Obama blahblahblahblah Bad blahblahblahblah -NO!


Nix that idea quickly! That would play right into their hands. We would all pay a heavy price!


Okay, its Nixed!


Maybe. But no, that is no the reason that there are no protests in DC. The problem is that the US left is too comfortable. They think that change comes from pecking on keyboards and voting for unicorns. Change comes in the street. I’ve been at protests where we have had to deal with pepper spray, tear gas, dogs, and tazers and mass arrests. You survive - there is safety in numbers, and the bigger your numbers the safer you are.

The UK is putting us to shame…


I think mass action will happen in November if people vote.


Bernie is one of my favorites, along with Elizabeth Warren. How better off would we be right now if we had Bernie or Elizabeth as president? Instead we have Trump, a multi billionaire who doesn’t pay taxes due to carefully manipulating tax rules and tax loopholes. That’s why his name shows up in the Panama Papers over 3,500 times.


You are right about the numbers. A large enough, mass march is very effective as long as non-violence is maintained.