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Amid Protest Threats, Critics Mock Trump's Factually Inaccurate Reason for Canceling UK Trip


Will everyone please start calling a “lie” what it is, a “lie.”


On both sides.


The “Duopoly” is putting the United States of America to shame.


I totally agree with you Mike, and I’m in my late 60’s, and I’m Ready to Rock.

Without the young driving the protests though, it will not succeed.

If they remain apathetic to this Authoritarian Takeover of our government, we’re all Clucked, as the Chicken would say.


I’ve been tear gassed, pepper sprayed, shot at with rubber bullets while others beside me were beat, and arrested.

That was May 3rd, 1970, the day before the four kids were murdered at Kent State.

On May 4th, the Governor sent in 600 National Guardsmen to assist the police in quelling the violence.

It continued on and off for another 8 days more, and all this happened because Richard Nixon announced on April 30, 1970 on all three major networks, that he was officially expanding the Vietnam conflict with the invasion of Cambodia by American forces.

At most we had maybe 3000 people protesting at any one time.

If we’re going to do this thing right, and call for the removal of Trump, his cabinet, and Generals, we’re going to need millions, and not just in Washington DC, in every major city outside the Statehouses.

You think our young people today are up for that kind of commitment?


Honestly, no, I do not think so


Thanks Nighthawk,

I have my doubts as well.


Electoral politics has its strategic uses - and I hope we can turn the US congress around this November, but if the Democrats get a veto-proof majority in the House and Senate, real change will still only happen through mass disruptive actions in the streets - specifically, the streets of Washington DC. During the Bush days, we had a big organizations like UFPJ and ANSWER and we were filling the streets. But now? Nothing! The left is totally paralyzed! What about “Our Revolution”? Is there a law against a US senator (Sanders) calling for mass action in the streets?


But even if Sanders/Warren were in the White House with the Democrats controlling Congress, we would still need to get in the streets in mass, disruptive numbers.

One of the most depressing events of my life was going to DC to attend an anti-war, anti Gitmo rally a couple months after Obama’s inaguraton only to find a turnout of only a few hundred. The election of Obama was exactly the time to redouble the efforts, instead, they were dismantled.


I am 71 years old and been involved in discussion boards for decades, including Newsvine and the old Current Events. If you totally disagree with me, I must be doing something right ( ^ 8 I totally disagree with your totally disagreeing with me. My personal favorites in the political spectrum right now are Bernie and Elizabeth. NOT stereotypical Democrats. We need more like them.


Yes, we need some type of continuation from our two term president Obama on the theme of diversity and women’s rights. Donald Trump was the white supremacist, racist, right wing backlash against Obama. And now we have earned the right to backlash Trump and the current Republican parasites on the rich and corporations out of office.



Check my response to you. I do “not” totally disagree with you, I said that I totally “agree” with you.

Must be having a senior moment I suppose. We all have em.

I love Bernie and Liz not as much, however, when the moment came to get tough, (When the going gets tough, the tough get going) they both endorsed the Corporate Candidate.

You’re a bit older than me, but I am too old to continue to support the wholesale sale of our country’s freedoms and protections for the masses.
I absolutely refuse to bend on that issue.

We the People must have politicians that are willing to expose the legalized corruption that exists to protect the wealthy and the corporations.

Corruption is corruption. Evil is evil. Lies are lies.
There is no place for any of this from the 536 public servants that make up the Congress and the Presidency.

Our ancestors fought for independence from the British. I would have never thought that one day I would have to fight for independence from my own corrupt government, but like I said earlier, I may be a senior citizen, but I am ready to rock, and I do not mean playing Rock Music.


Er, the Prez is essentially a manager, who does have some discretionary powers; albeit huge.