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Amid Recession Warnings, Trump Reportedly Considering More Tax Cuts for Rich and Corporations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/21/amid-recession-warnings-trump-reportedly-considering-more-tax-cuts-rich-and

Beaver: “Gee Wally, if only the rich have the money then how can they keep stealing it from the little guys. Sort of seems like the game might be over.”
Wally: “You might be right there Beav. But watch them, they’re liable to double down any way, just like the bully at school who knows no other game.”


June to Ward Cleaver at breakfast: “I think you were a little too hard on the beav last night dear.”

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The author implies that Trump’s 2018 payroll tax cuts were temporary the way Obama’s were.

Trump’s 2018 cuts are permanent, just as his upcoming payroll tax cuts will be.

Every dollar that Trump and the GOP remove from payroll withhholding accelerates the day that Social Security goes broke and the GOP gleefully tells us Social Security is kaput.


Almost as if by design, eh?

There’s a recent article on CD by John Atcheson that neatly summarizes the serial failures of right-wing economic policy: judged on its own terms, it’s 0-4. Why do people keep on buying it, in the face of abundant evidence to the contrary?? (I know, I know, it’s a rhetorical question)


“Serial failures of right-wing economic policy” are failures only for the 99%. They are serial successes for the 1% that owns every POTUS since Raygun and most of Congress and the SCOTUS.


Here is a short answer to your rhetorical question :

Republicans have mastered the emotionally evocative two- or three-word slogan that blocks the hard work of real thinking. When people hear ‘cut taxes’, ‘freedom’, ‘death panels’, ‘death tax’, ‘terrorism’, etc., they have a strong gut reaction that requires no additional work or thought. Frank Luntz (?) and George Lakoff addressed this a while ago. Democrats and progressives have not come up with similar slogans, except maybe ‘Em-for-all’.


Not only have the Democrats “not come up with similar slogans”, they have validated the GOP slogans thereby making those slogans the new norm.

Not to mention that both Hillary Clinton and Obama, in their caampaigns, commended Ronny Raygun’s actions and compared themselves to him more than they did any other POTUS.


BIGGER, BADDER, MADDER than a recession?
yes it is.
You mean the bond bubble may burst?
yes it will, but we don’t know which day or what hour the plug gets pulled.