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Amid Renewed Scrutiny, Qatari Man Tortured on US Soil Demands Justice


Amid Renewed Scrutiny, Qatari Man Tortured on US Soil Demands Justice

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the U.S. government faces renewed criticism for its history of torture amid Gina Haspel's nomination to head the CIA, a Qatari man who says he was tortured on U.S. soil before accepting a plea deal is maintaining his innocence and demanding that his interrogators face justice.


Good luck with that one Qatari man. The American people can’t get any justice. What make you think you can.


And that was when the US Fourth Reich was just warming up.
*To the Reich today, 35,000 pages of evidence of cruelty and mistreatment is just circumstantial evidence. I’m sure the Reichscourt will just throw it out or dismiss it.
*I think the Reich is beginning to crumble from its own dry rot. Sadly, it will probably take a lot of people with it when it collapses.


O’Bummer let Ashcroft, Bush, Cheney . . . . Xé, Yoo and Zionists of every stripe off the hook for War Crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan (not to mention the Banksters responsible for the “Bush” Recession back
in 2008), but surely we can count on his successor to do a better job of bringing criminals to justice.   SURE
we can . . .


This hapless man was held for seven years before his “trial”. But it only took a relatively short time before Syria was attacked based on information which was not verified at the time. I hope he achieves his “accountability”. And I hope he is recompensed for his torture. Although I suspect nothing can compensate for the nightmarish scenarios he had to endure. I wish you well Mr. Al-Marri.