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Amid Report Dems Trying to "Rein In" Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman Responds With Fiery Comic Book Reference


Amid Report Dems Trying to "Rein In" Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman Responds With Fiery Comic Book Reference

Jon Queally, staff writer

After Politico put out a story on Friday characterizing a group of Democrats in the House as "exasperated" over the manner in which Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has used her media savvy and unabashed progressivism to challenge party norms, the newly-elected member let it be known that those who want to "rein in" her brand of politics are not likely to find success.


AO-C, might I suggest you change your party affiliation to Independent?

Because being associated with the corporocratic d-party is a damn shame.


Now we have a better understanding as to why we still do not have Medicare for All.

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has managed to expose the Corporate Lackeys.

They are afraid that Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez will upset their Large Donors.

She is exposing the fact that Corporate Donors are more important to members of Congress than WE THE PEOPLE.

You Go Girl, turn over the apple cart and make your voice heard. Finally a representative who actually represents the People who voted for her and not the Large Donors who have controlled the Congress for years.


Is it correct that AOC could run as an independent in 2020? If the democrats don’t give sway to the new blood, the new bloods like AOC should break and run as an independent. Not for reasons to do with the dems at that point, but to set herself up for a run at senator, if that’s what she wants to do.
There is a fly in the ole ointment Ms. Pelosi. Do I sense a cat fight a’comin?


I certainly hope AOC is correct, but the corrupt democrats who are nothing more than corporate soldiers will not give up easily.


Don’t mess with Cortez!

I love that gal.


The integrity of Alexandria O-C and her principled activism makes the DINO Dems nervous. Why? Because they are lazy, lacking in moral fiber and beholden to the same forces, power, that RepubliCons slavishly serve rather, and special interests, than the majority of people who actually elected them. Those frauds cannot take the scrutiny or exposure as tools of big-money, business as usual and corruption AOC brings to the table!

Whoever the politicians who denigrate her activism and issues she espouses and supports - isn’t that what she was elected to do? - are the very politicians that are what’s wrong with the system! They no doubt would not criticize if she become another bloated political hack, silent on the issues that demand change, instead pandering to the corrupt status quo her detractors have become (or always were!)?

Bugger those sellout craven worthless DINO “representatives” - we need many more like Alexandria who have the courage to fight and stand for the Common Good against complicit sellout hacks and their dedication to common greed!


This is flat out hilarious. Game, set, match. An " ipso facto " political retort of the first order.


That would be a grave mistake and effectively silence her IMO.


Hasn’t seemed to silence Bernie.


Good idea, maybe she can talk Bernie into joining her.


AOC kicks ass…and she’s hot!


The “reining in” is little more then suggesting that AOC not speak truth to power. This really bugs strategists like David Brook who seems to feel the proper way to Govern a people that through every poll show themselves as wanting what AOC is suggesting they should have , is by pretending to listen and go on with big business as usual.


Good for her. The future belongs to her generation, we’d better get used to it. Out with the old, in with the new. She has more balls than the entire Democratic Party combined.


Cortez is in line to be appointed to the House Financial Services Committee, according to a Politico report. The New York democratic socialist would be a thorn in the side of Wall Street, which has seen its regulatory burden lowered since Donald Trump became president…
Well, well…the Boys at the Big Banks ain’t gonna like this one bit… Hope she likes Sushi…Lots of Big Fish to eat.


We need to help AOC. When something like this happens or happens between her and Pelosi we need ro send an email or note to the offending congress critter that says " We are coming for you and your corporate sponsor can not help you. We are coming for you."


Smart has always been " the new hot ".


Well said because she has some integrity, and just a matter time until AOC is thrown, like Bernie, under the corrupt, demo…rats bus.


It is about time that the Big Voice in politics, is resoundliy a woman’s voice! Fearless she frightens them. She actually says what we all know needs to be heard. I remember the brash and flambouyantly savvy Bella Abzug. Once again the wheel turns and it is a powerful courageous woman who leads from the heart, the mind and the soul talking truth to power!!!

God bless her, she could save us!

(And this coming from a man.)


I guess these Democrat sellouts haven’t figured out how exasperated we the people are with them throwing us under the bus every chance they get. Alexandria Ocasio is just the beginning, we are coming after the rest of you too.
Here are some names to look at
Yvette Clarke NY
Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.)
Grace Meng (D-N.Y.)
Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.)
Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.)

The biggest issue they have is that she supports challenging the sellouts in the primaries

You go girl, lets get rid of all those that have betrayed us for all these years