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Amid Reports McConnell Backs Trump Impeachment, GOP Leader Urged to Prove It By Starting Trial 'Immediately'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/13/amid-reports-mcconnell-backs-trump-impeachment-gop-leader-urged-prove-it-starting

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Rats deserting a sinking ship comes immediately to mind.

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“privately supports the impeachment of President Donald Trump over last week’s deadly mob attack,”

Now say it publicly.


So we are to believe that people like McConnell and Cheney have "seen the light " ???

And that Pence is a god-fearing Christian ???

Or are they actually the problem - and not in any way shape or form part of the solution ???

In any case - my read is that events are now in charge - the dogs of war have been set loose - and all hell is coming.


Hi Wings - I’m up early - again ~

You know, things are seemingly peaceful here in Calgary just now, despite the rampaging virus, even though the entire province of Ontario has declared itself in a state of emergency, with both Saskatchewan and Alberta in at least as bad a shape.

How long can this peace last - till the supply chains break ?


There is some angle they are working here. Mitch doesn’t just give away the farm without getting something in return.

I’ll believe in this “death bed conversion” when I see it.


Mitch: Good strategy… all words, no action. Play it safe. wink, wink,nod,nod…

This really is not all about Trump.
No, this is really anti-authoritarian government response.
Remove Trump, and another demagogue will fill the void.
This is really a sign of major civil unrest… Remove Trump, and someone that is more dangerous will emerge… Collapsing Environment>>collapsing economy…social unrest>> governmental collapse…rise of the dictators.

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You’ve read my mind !

Trump at he border wall was a signal - the insurrection is still on.

Trump is still in charge - the vulnerability in the US system is huge and gaping - a president with that awesome power is now seeking to destroy your country, and the band plays on.


I saw that yesterday. Seems a familiar pattern worldwide.

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yes…one glaring sign of this collapse…is the current postal service and its great drop in service… Still you DeJoy in place…most likely destroying equipment of high speed sorting.and making other changes… Trump and crew destroying…so many things in these days…what a grave danger… Pence,—the collaborator, the supporter of Trump.

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Wow. You are up early. I’m just about to have lunch. :slight_smile:


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Nancy wasted at least two days on a Trump removal scheme that wouldn’t work. In an alternate universe where Pence would have agreed to her demands, this is how an A-25 action would have played out:

Here’s what will happen if Pence follows the demand of the House Democrats. The 25th Amendment sets out a four step process. First, Pence will inform Pelosi and President pro tempore of the Senate Chuck Grassley that he and a majority of the Cabinet believe that Trump is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Minutes later, Trump will deny the charge in writing to Pelosi and Grassley. Although Pence will have four days to respond, he will repeat his claim immediately. The question of Trump’s ability to do his job then goes to the Congress, where Pence needs a two-thirds vote from each house. McConnell will reconvene the Senate for an emergency session. Republicans hold well over one-third of the seats in each house, so the 25th Amendment “impeachment” will be rejected by the Senate. To avoid a humiliating loss in the House, Pelosi will not schedule a vote. This set of events could take a few days or it might be finished in a few hours. Either way, Trump will be vindicated and triumphant , and there will be very little time left for a proper impeachment, on the grounds of election tampering and sedition, while Trump is still in office.

People would know this if they bothered to read the 25th Amendment.


In effect, Trump personally ordered that the execution of Lisa Montgomery go ahead, despite a federal judge’s reprieve. He is a killer - pure and simple - a deranged destroyer - his entire life an example of this. Under so much pressure, with his perpetual bankruptcies and criminal doings - he knows no other world than seek out and destroy, veiled behind a persona of “The Apprentice”.

But the times are right - that is not his doing - but ours - our collective failure to deal with reality on any number of issues - from rampant racism and economic inequality in all its forms, thru climate change and the sixth extinction, to Flint’s water supply - all scales - everywhere, from the Amazon rainforest to the Great Barrier Reef - massive - massive disconnect from reality - hell to pay ~

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Are there leaves on the trees, flowers in bloom - grass growing - how is lunch in Spain ?

As per your link - Pence is delusional - in keeping with his and his wife’s born again status.

Everyone should climb mountains and explore deserts full time for seven seasons in a row Wings - that’s my delusional solution.

Get down - get real - skin in the game, responsibility for your actions - the exercise of that most precious asset - good judgement ~ part of the natural world - like it was long long ago ~


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Compare these two sentences. I highlighted the important parts.:

“Calling on Pence and Trump’s cabinet to invoke impeachment could ensure that the process takes place before Trump’s last 10 days in office.”

The sentence above is from Sharon Zhang’s column at Truthout. (Link: ~https://truthout.org/articles/democrats-introduce-articles-of-impeachment-after-republicans-block-25th/)

“The House of Representatives shall chuse [sic] their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”

That’s Article I, Section 5, of the U.S. Constitution.

Who has the power to “invoke impeachment” [sic] - Pence and Trump’s Cabinet or the House of Representatives? I guess that depends on who is your “authority” on Constitutional issues - Sharon Zhang or the Constitution.

BTW, the 25th Amendment does not contain the word impeachment, and its use does not remove a President from office.

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McConnell, the shrewd Confederate, wants any fall out on the Dems so will wait until after January 20th.

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Giovanna - you have always wanted your “Rumble”.

You need to be careful what you wish for - a wise man once said.

My notion of “rumble” is total, rolling, Gandhian non cooperation. I have made this clear repeatedly. Violence is not necessary but the system of exploitation must yield for the birth of a new vision of human solidarity, justice, and equality.

Neoliberalism, whether from Democrats or Republicans is not the new vision of human scaled societies we need to rescue our earth’s eco-systems and all her species.


Indeed. Both sides have dug in. Far from removing a threat, impeachment will rile up Trump’s base even more and give them an excuse for engaging in real insurrection. The last opportunity to diffuse this bomb was possibly those $2000 checks, but perhaps this was all set in stone long ago, and the choices made by both parties were all bound to lead to the culture war spiraling into civil war.


Or humans will join countless other species in the dustbin of extinction.