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Amid Reports McConnell Backs Trump Impeachment, GOP Leader Urged to Prove It By Starting Trial 'Immediately'

Dear Don, nothing beats “home sweet home.”

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The New York Times is broadcasting the debate live.

So I guess we just while away the time until the s*** hits the fan.

The National Guard will be armed, and those not carrying will be close to them, I understand. There are apparently rules of engagement, basically when to shoot down fellow Americans.

Pence and the GOP could have removed Trump by now - and they did not. They calculate that allowing the democrats to impeach will be on them.

What a disgrace the GOP is.

As always - people will do the fighting, half of them as damaged and delusional as that poor woman Lisa Montgomery was when she was executed in a totally pointless show of savage cruelty by the leader of the GOP - Donald Trump.

Bought and paid for by fascist special interests.

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It’s about America Pony - the lyrics - they fit.

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Never trust McConnell, that’s a rule to live by. I’m happy to see the real problem finally getting some attention though: the Senate. The Senate left town via unanimous consent. All Senators need to give consent to return earlier than the agreed upon recess (they hold pro-forma sessions every three days). I posted this the other night, but Schumer wants to use the following emergency rule to bring them back:


Schumer needs agreement from McConnell, per the rule. If he doesn’t get agreement, that’s the tell: McConnell likely will use the impeachment articles, which are privileged, to slow work down in the Senate. This is why the Biden folks are wary of having the articles sent early absent agreement—they do not want nominations, etc., delayed. Everyday that’s wasted, is a day less vaccines are distributed and the hole gets deeper.


Humans won’t go extinct but civilization might.

Wow, Traci Lords. Thanks Many.

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi:

" Self sacrifice of one innocent man is a million times more potent than the sacrifice of a million men who die in the act of killing others."

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Sadly, it looks like some GOP members feel they will be sacrificing their lives and their families’ lives if they vote in favor of impeachment:


The right is a gaggle of selfish children that will talk and vote against anything coming from the democrats.

This is what we will always get because we limit our people to 2 major political parties.


The arguments of left and right only is such a fucked up argument.

This political limitation, and how 95% of us allow ourselves to become “lifelong addicts” to it says volumes about our level of intelligence.

The lack of, that is.