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Amid Reports of Further Sessions-Russia Contact, Poll Shows Most Americans Want AG to Resign


Amid Reports of Further Sessions-Russia Contact, Poll Shows Most Americans Want AG to Resign

Nika Knight, staff writer

The majority of Americans want Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign and believe he lied under oath about his meetings with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, a Quinniapac poll published Wednesday found.

Fifty-two percent want Sessions to resign, the poll discovered, and 51 percent believe Sessions committed perjury during his Congressional hearing for the position of U.S. attorney general.


Will you be spending your weekend in Sochi or Volgograd? Obviously you do not want anyone making any serious investigation into the Russian influence in the recent election, which is why you support Keebler keeping his position, racist sycophantic pawn that he is. And your comment leads one to believe that you favor the demonic demented dimwit that currently occupies the WH (gold curtains and all).


"Majority of Americans" (myself included) does not necessarily equate to the GOP-majority House, which has the authority to begin impeachment proceedings...ain't gonna happen. Have to keep an AG in office that will do the emperor's (and his flying monkeys) bidding. As I have stated before, at least Alberto Gonzales had the decency to resign under a cloud that was not nearly as dark as the one hanging over Keebler's tiny head.


In line with the founding fathers, our current congress believes that those making the decisions should be white male property owners. The rest don't count - except to be their servants, slaves or trophies.


Why should a member of congress be meeting at all with diplomats of foreign countries? Seems like all dialogue with them should be through the executive branch - the state department and the president. It would seem that our congress should spend more time listening to constituents and servicing their needs as versus meeting with foreign diplomats or mega-wealthy foreigners trying to influence US legislation. Yes, the best congress money can buy!


So you think Sessions is great and should continue as AG even though he apparently perjured himself? Maybe he should be in jail instead of being AG?


Mind-boggling: the US Attorney General PERJURING himself and boldface lying UNDER OATH to the Senate committee (and Senator Al Franken in particular) followed up by his nonsensical letter recently given to said committee and Senator Franken wherein he provided his alternative fact for doing so. Lie upon Lie upon Lie yet he is still the US AG... Ugh! And in the end, the GOP committee with Grumpy Grassly the chair, handing this maladroit numbskull a very powerful gavel that could potentially expedite our democracy's undoing.

We are in for one helluva horrific ride, folks!


Your boy Trump cutting you a nice tax break come next tax time eh, sellout?


I'm afraid its undone and has been for a long time. Many of us live in a mythical US that doesn't exist. When did it stop serving the interests of the mass of the American people - if it ever did?


The metrics they use are idiotic.... Of course the majority of people want Sessions to resign... About the same number of people who voted against Trump.....

The DEMS are stupidly going down a route to lose them the next several elections... Get a clue.... They need to learn from their mistakes over the past 30+ years but instead they triple down on Russia narrative.


PS ... Since the HillBots object to me quoting http://www.counterpunch.org
I've referenced a source straight out of Hillary headquarters during her Campaign.