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Amid Rise of Xenophobes Like Trump, UN Report Shows World's Refugee Population Has Exploded to More Than 70 Million

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/amid-rise-xenophobes-trump-un-report-shows-worlds-refugee-population-has-exploded

Tip of the “iceberg” when climate crisis really takes hold.


In about 50 years, 70 million will be the number of refugees just from Bangladesh:


In fifty years everyone in the world will be a refugee.


“Aggressive anti-immigration policies and rhetoric from President Donald Trump and other right-wing world leaders has contributed greatly to the skyrocketing number of refugees around the world, the United Nation’s refugee agency said Wednesday.”

Unfortunately, it is the right wing, its racists and fascists that are drawing attention to the worlds growing overpopulation problem.

The left correctly sees it as a humanitarian problem but won’t address it as an ecological one. It prefers to address the less divisive other half, inequality.

The longer we put off talking about overpopulation prevention, the more intense war, drought, disease, resource depletion and other natural population controls will become.


It’s just starting to get cooking now (pardon the pun). We are now one manufactured war, one natural disaster, one economic collapse away from living in a Mad Max world.
And here in America, no matter who wins in 2020, don’t be shocked when a border wall stars going up, on the Canadian border. The rich countries are about to begin walling themselves off, and their inhabitants in. Remember that folks, as you air conditioners become too taxed and begin to fail, as as the price of commodities skyrockets, as the nation breaks apart into separate like minded confederacies, as we bake under the noonday sun of a soon to arrive October, remember, that the walls we will build we serve two purposes. They will keep refugees out, and they will keep us in.


And I see people at the supermarket with 3, 4, 5, even 6 little kids. They think they are giving their children the gift of life but climate change looks like a death sentence for young people. Of course, these are not thinking people. They can’t see the big picture or they refuse to for religious or selfish reasons. They certainly don’t think they are contributing to runaway population growth.

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For anyone who has trouble remembering whose side Senator Wyden is on (I used to forget when he starts talking progressive catnip), here is his autoreply I received today from my auto-complaint about Venezuela I sent over a month ago using Code Pink’s form letter. He did not address my complaint about sanctions or the Venezuelan Embassy. I thought he mistakenly sent me his form letter for constituents who agree with him.

Code Pink’s form letter:
“U.S. economic sanctions have devastated Venezuela’s economy, exacerbating food and medicine shortages, widespread poverty, and mass migration. The people of Venezuela need sanctions to be lifted and dialogue between the Maduro government and the opposition. Mexico and Uruguay have offered to mediate, as has the Pope. A democratic process, not a coup, should be supported and no matter what, we must not let the U.S. get into another war.”

Wyden’s reply today:
" As you know, Venezuela is a country on the brink of complete collapse. Despite the Venezuela’s vast natural resources, more than 40 percent of the country is jobless and 80 percent lives in poverty. Economists predict that Venezuela’s economy could contract 25 percent in 2019 alone in one of the worst economic collapses in decades. More than three million Venezuelans have fled the country since 2015; those who remain face rolling blackouts, inflation of more than 1 million percent, and shortages of basic food and medical supplies.

Venezuela’s President, Nicolás Maduro, has proven incapable or unwilling to meet these challenges. In January 2019, Venezuela’s legislature invoked the constitution to declare Mr. Maduro’s rule illegitimate and to name Juan Guaidó interim President of Venezuela until elections could be held. The Trump administration has joined Canada, Japan, Australia, and most European and Latin American countries to recognize Mr. Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate leader. Mr. Maduro has called these actions a coup and refuses to step down.

Given Mr. Maduro’s increasingly authoritarian rule and his repression of political opponents, I am hardly surprised to see so many Venezuelans calling for a change. Because of the messy U.S. history in the region, I also want to be clear that this is a moment for Venezuelans to determine their future-and to do so without the threat of an American military invasion. Because of this, I cosponsored Senator Jeff Merkley’s legislation to prohibit any American military intervention in Venezuela without explicit congressional approval. Please rest assured that I will continue to monitor the situation in Venezuela closely. "

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Wyden has clearly drunk the Kool Aid, and a lot of it.

The planet is definitely over populated with humans. Is it time to build an Ark again?

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AOC has come under fire (and intending to survive it and not back down on her statements) for calling all the holding facilities on the southern border (and elsewhere where the migrants/refugees have been sent out of state) as “Concentration Camps”,and that is exacly what they are. Jews who survived these WW2 camps (which evolved into Death Camps,operated under the Nazis have backed AOC. The ones screaming the loudest don’t get it. Educating them (Fox and the Disgustapubs as well as all those Centrist Dems, Pelosi the worst) is a waste of time. AOC is far more intelligent than all of them combined. Concentration camps have been around a very, very long time globally. More than one of our Presidents used them, and let me assure you, if it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it’s a duck.
These “holding” facilities are becoming Death Camps and yet AOC seems to be the one screaming in this forest of terror, horror, and moral bankruptcy by our lieaders, the RP the worst.

Let’s count the ways…Little food, little water,little medical, housed under overpasses, jammed like sardines into tents where the temp. exceeds 100, no beds, no mattresses, no room to lie down, a space blanket for protection when available–this is the short list. Children separated from their parent and then lost in the system. No legal rights. Sounds like that dirty phrase “Concentration Camps” to me. by the way, what happens to those who have died (will die) in these camps? Will they be cremated like dogs at the pound, buried without a name or marker in the desert? I mean, DT has called them rapists, terrorists, murderers, drug dealers, and worse–coming from shithole countries which implies they are all worse than, well, dogs.,

Some are complaining what AOC has stated is bad for morale with the ICE and Border Patrol which is ironic. Doing what they do is immoral…Any with a sense of moral duty should refuse to cooperate in these raids and arrests. They have become Brown Shirts and the SS in those good old Nazi Germany days (which I am certain DT admires as that is where he is taking all of them.

Get behind AOC all you cowards and call it like it is. What it is. Fascism and goose-stepping into what the US went to war over in WW2 on both sides of the planet. And for the record, the US is the most guilt, #1, as it has created this refugee crisis with it regime change, Imperial, mindset that had its real beginnings as an obsession at the end of WW2. The US did it, own it.


Most have forgotten (or didn’t know) they talk for decades has been to create a different USofA with Mexico on the south and Canada at the north as one country. This started during the Nixon Presidency, and that dream is very much alive. For all this talk of “can we just get along”, that high speed highway transport from Mexcio to Canada is on-going as the land is being seized for an 8 lane non-stop run. No tolls, no cargo checks. Smoke and mirrors always.

This just in from the Non-Surprise Department: GuaidĂł possibly caught with his fingers in the cookie jar?


Sure sounds like it.

If WP is right that Trump is losing interest in Venezuela, is that a good thing? Will the sanctions keep killing people on auto-pilot if Trump loses interest?

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I think maybe Wyden IS the Kool Aid.