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Amid Rocket Fire and Airstrikes, Gazans Launch Fishing Boats to Challenge Israel's Naval Blockade


Amid Rocket Fire and Airstrikes, Gazans Launch Fishing Boats to Challenge Israel's Naval Blockade

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As Palestinian militants fired mortar shells into southern Israel and Israeli forces responded with airstrikes on Gaza targets on Tuesday, a group of Palestinians launched a humanitarian envoy of fishing boats off the Gazan coast to challeng


This means that the Palestinians are losing their fear of the war criminals. If this continues, Israel will have to kill many thousands, there will be a limit to what the world will bear. Eventually the white-european occupiers will be a few million detested war criminals in the middle of seething rage from a half-billion semites. The war criminals had better pack up their bags because their time may be coming sooner than they think. Israel is an unsustainable venture. It was built by the United States and Great Britain and France as a colony to project power to oil. More power to the Palestinians.


zionist propaganda rules Anerica.


Welcome to the future of an overpopulated planet.


Remember the Liberty.


When I was a boy, we, in fact most of the world, all cooperated to bring an end to the Axis, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan. Seven years of blood, lives and toil finally ended the Axis and brought us peace, we thought.
*Now, seventy-two years later, the world is facing another Axis, the US Nazi Fourth Reich, Fascist Israel and the Saudi Kingdom.
*I hope the world, and We the People will stand up to the new Axis by whatever means necessary and cast them on the dungheap of history. The alternative is ghastly, for the Axis’ main idea is to kill billions of humans for the crime of being human, with the survivors to be the serfs of the New World Order. That’s us and our children, grand children and great grandchildren.
*More power to those who will stand against the Axis, the NWO. May their example be a clarion call to We the People of the World to follow their example and never give up, regardless of cost, for under the heel of tyranny is a terrible way to live.


If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


An American spy ship – as they later admitted – broadcasting israeli troop movements during the Six Day War. The Liberty got what it deserved.


What planet are you from?