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Amid Runaway Warming, Richest Nations Spend $200 Billion Backing Fossil Fuels



The fact that governments continue to subsidize the oil&gas conglomerate(s) and reliance on fossil-fuels to such an obscene extent when we are faced with an actual "existential threat" shows the complicity of government and the demonstrated ability for big-money and vulture capitalist power to control the directions we take as a nation (and world) and the directions our so-called leaders drive us, regardless the clear and present danger of many such directions to the sustainability of life on Earth.........we are entering (already well into) the sixth mass extinction event, this time anthropomorphic in origin.



But....no money for education, healthcare, or caring for our senior citizens. Yup. Yup.


Does anyone out there respect anyone living/"working" inside the beltway? Politicians, media, bureaucrats or military? My hope is that they continue walling themselves in and just fade away.


Well-stated. And thank you for the link. Another industry that is subsidized by federal funds and is "regulated" (??) by antiquated laws enacted during Teddy Roosevelt's presidency, is MINING. Mining contributes to major environmental degradation, pollution of soil, water, and air while leaving toxic chemicals/by-products in giant piles/ponds that the EPA has to clean up. MINING CORPS ARE NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEAN UP as a result of the antiquated laws. Open pits and mountain top removal are environmental catastrophes that leave the landscape denuded and effectively un-restorable.


They won't fade away but they will delay and delay until even they have to admit that it has gotten so bad that something needs to be done about it.

At that point they will blame the liberals for doing nothing for so long and present themselves as the 'real' do somethings who will fix the mess the liberals left us in.


Why is that all the good legislation Congress passes (admittedly, few and far between) often seem to have Sunset Clauses in them (requiring them the same legislature to have to renew them or they go away), but ridiculously bad things like FF subsidies just keep on going and Congress must vote them away.


Exactly so Seatower; mining operations have been (as we saw with the Animas River spill), and are, ongoing massive destruction and pollution of Mother Earth, whether for coal mountain-top removal in Appalachia, gold/silver in the American west, gold in the Amazon/Andes or Papua New Guinea, mining corporations are some of the worst polluters/rapists on earth.

One picture is worth a thousand words....







Here's an article on an issue that may or may not be covered as it should be in the US press/media re garbage dumps releasing far more methane than the EPA admits. Methane is far more active in driving climate change than carbon, and we still just tolerate enormous garbage dumps as the only way to get rid of all the obscene excess/usless/ridiculous waste we generate as a "thro-away society" and in packaging our manufacturing/distribution and imports are allowed.

"Landfills may be emitting more methane than previously reported because the Environmental Protection Agency may be drastically underestimating how much garbage is being deposited in landfills across the US, according to a new Yale University study." http://www.nature.com/nclimate/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nclimate2804.html



Thank you for posting all the links, Emphyrio.


In the US the Democrats + the Republicans = Pure US Schizophrenia!


Yes and every time someone buys gold, silver, gems, etc.... they are creating DEMAND for mining to continue.... All you have to do is buy USED.... THERE IS ENOUGH GOLD, SILVER AND DIAMONDS AROUND to keep the demand ..... I would rather see younger people move away from that market and come up with better ways to show love. STOP BUYING THIS STUFF NEW.


Avoidance is not an option for those with the courage to work at saving themselves, their children & grand children & their communities! Only excessively (neurotically) fearful people practice avoidance.


That's 200 billion/year plus 43 trillion in permafrost melting costs plus more trillions in the costs of conservative's wars... pretty soon we're talking about serious money.

Like conservatives say, "behind every disaster there is opportunity". We could take this opportunity to vote every conservative we can out of office.





None of this should surprise us... these are the same people that continue to subsidize tobacco as health care costs escalate out of control.


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Your last sentence is interesting - despite the rest of your post you don't say NOTHING to do with it.

Isn't it a matter of degree? According to one's role in the overall power structure of society one can be more or less at fault.

It seems to me that the idea that we are all at fault is actually the more useful perspective. If you simply say it is THEIR fault, be clear that THEY don't give a toss and nothing changes. But if you say that we are all more or less involved then you realise the power of the people - the power to withdraw support from TPTB or enact change by some other means.

This is partly about replacing the GUILT perspective with a CAUSAL perspective. It is not about us all being the bad guys, but about us all being able to bring about change. Change will certainly never happen by sitting saying not my fault.


I guess when the water touches the ceiling, some people will notice that something is wrong. When they are sitting on their roofs, they'll be sure something is wrong. When they are swept off the roof by waves of fast-running, dirty war, they'll cry out, "HELP. HELP." And, as they sink into the murky depths they'll wonder how they allowed global warming to occur!


Please do not use schizophrenic as a generic pejorative.