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Amid Russian Denials, Greenpeace Demands Probe into Source of Nuclear Radiation


Amid Russian Denials, Greenpeace Demands Probe into Source of Nuclear Radiation

Julia Conley, staff writer

Kremlin admits detecting increased radioactivity but denies that Mayak plant, the scene of earlier disaster, is the source


DJT the despot: "I asked Putin about the nuclear radiation thingy and he said “What radiation…I know of no radiation leak or cloud. And I believe him. I order that the US NOT participate in any such probe.”

Demands will not move the bear but poking him will unleash his hatred of being discomfited. Hey, Vlad, your gardens at your Sochi palace are dying…wonder why.


Nuclear power leads to destruction, and we’re pretty far down that path, already.

Meanwhile, Fukoshima continues to spew radiation into the Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is advancing the Obama plan to spend $1.2 trillion on nuclear weapons.


Maybe Obama, Trump, and the rest of the nuclear enthusiasts didn’t understand that this song was supposed to be IRONIC.


Why won’t Big Nuke go away after all its enormously expensive and deadly disasters?

Because centralizing power means concentrating wealth?

Direct Democracy


Is there not a way to fingerprint the radiation to its source ?


I read a story a while back that gave me pause about direct democracy NB. Not to be a naysayer but it seems to me there must be certain prerequisites to “let the crowd/mob decide outcome”, like some reasonable responsibility, truthful information, wisdom, how candidates are chosen and at least reasonable education…the “lumpen proletariat” as example…in the social media “tweet-age” there are/can be many problems - as always the devil is in the details…I mean what could go wrong?

The problem I encountered that made me think about “direct democracy” is the internet naming contest chosing “RSS Boaty McBoatface” - a fiasco that has since been resolved by wiser/more serious/educated minds naming the $300M research ship the RRS David Attenborough - not the internet’s choice…peace


Yes, there are “sniffer planes/jets” that detect radiation leaks such as the recent one in N. Korea after a “test” conducted under a mountain in a northern province and they can pinpoint the source as well as the path of the leak. (This according to a former career DoD employee who is all-too-familiar with such info.)


Renewable ravagement


Here in a nutshell is how the Swiss have done direct democracy very successfully for 300 years:


BTW, I agree with Hand. Boaty McBoatface is a brilliant name.