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Amid Scandal Over White House Ties, Calls Grow for Nunes to Step Down


Amid Scandal Over White House Ties, Calls Grow for Nunes to Step Down

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is refusing to step aside from the panel's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, despite growing calls for him to do so in the wake of revelations that he secretly visited the White House the day before he announced President Donald Trump's transition team may have been incidentally surve


Ryan would just be better at a cover-up, and none his offices have answered the phone or a functioning message system since week one of the neoliberal economics from hell Trump Administration. You know, the anti-establishment guy according to the alt-left.


Brigands and thieves protect their own because failing to do so may lead to investigations getting to close to their front doors. The web of evil that has been and is being woven/interwoven will be difficult and time-consuming to breakdown but the time to start the process is NOW! Nunes is devoid of dignity, self-respect, integrity, and cares nothing about the oath of office he took with his clammy hand on his "bible" or he would do the good and right thing by relinquishing not only his chairmanship but also his membership on the HIC. His actions show where his allegiances lie and he is not trustworthy.


This guy refuses to show anyone the documents that Trump states prove his text about Obama?????Is this a JOKE!

Ryan supports this guy----Ryan told him to go to the White House?----Hey democrats start playing some ads in Ryan's district-----THIS IS THE AHOLE WHO WANTS TO DESTROY MEDICAID!


If Ryan doesn't remove Nunes from the chair of the HIC, he himself should be removed as the speaker of the House. Better get your boots out people. The manure is starting to get a bit deep around DC. I guess this is the SWAMP that Trump talked about. But instead of draining it, he has taken it right into the White House. If it weren't so sad, I would laugh.


The Dims need to recover some semblance of sanity and give up the Russian canard. There is far more of substance to nail Trump and the Repugs on than this dangerous lie, which, if by some miracle it managed to unseat the president, would, by the simple fact of legal precedent, further undermine the already teetering edifice of American civil liberties.

Meanwhile, I hear not a peep from the "resistance" about the US's massacres in Mosul and their recent illegal blockage of Raqqa in Syria, to the benefit of Al Qaeda--oops, sorry, the "Free Syrian Army."


As Paul Harvey was wont to say, "now for the rest of the story." Ray McGovern and Bill Binney have a different take on Mr. Nunes, maybe his actions are actions of courage.

"But this episode was not the first time Nunes has shown some spine in the face of what the Establishment wants ignored. In a move setting this congressman apart from all his colleagues, Nunes had the courage to host an award ceremony for one of his constituents, retired sailor and member of the USS Liberty crew, Terry Halbardier."

See The Surveillance State Behind Russia-gate: https://consortiumnews.com/2017/03/28/the-surveillance-state-behind-russia-gate/


The Russian connex is not a "canard" and needs to be pursued, the demagogue indicted/convicted and sent to prison for treason.


Ah, yes...consortium news...another "investigative journalist" with an agenda that imposes personal bias and passes it off as "news." Parry is a wingnut not unlike Hannity, Limbaugh, and other purveyors of urea journalism.


I am disappointed that you would make such a statement, Robert Parry is one of the best journalists working today. Ray McGovern and Bill Binney are both principled men who have stood up against the security state. To compare these men with Limbaugh is outrageous. It is a fact, not a made up canard that Mr. Nunes had the guts, as no one else had, to honor a hero of the hush hush U. S. S. Liberty tragedy.


OK, you go on chasing your phantomatic red herring, but bear in mind that it's largely thanks to mindless dembots like you that there's no left in the US. And enjoy your police state, while you're at it, because you're one of its champions. Just hope it doesn't turn on you one day, as it most likely will.