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Amid Scathing Accusations of War Crimes, UN Votes 120-8 to Condemn 'Indiscriminate' Israeli Violence Against Palestinians


Amid Scathing Accusations of War Crimes, UN Votes 120-8 to Condemn 'Indiscriminate' Israeli Violence Against Palestinians

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just hours after a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report accused Israel of showing "blatant disregard for Palestinian lives" and commiting war crimes in its massacre of over 100 nonviolent demonstrators in Gaza over the past several weeks, the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resoluti


The Balfour Blunder lives on. Arrest all Ziopigs.


Israel for many years after 1948 (which when they fucked the Palestinians in the first place) had the world’s sympathy after the holocaust of WWII. Little by little they blew that with over the top military responses. Now they are basically committing genocide and the US and others actively go along. They have become exactly the same as Hitler’s Germany. How can ANYBODY be a “sniper”???


It takes a lifetime of immersion in a propaganda of superiority based in racism/religious bigotry, reinforced at every turn by a culture of chauvinistic militarism.


“1948 which when they fucked the Palestinians in the first place”–you’re insulting my uncle, who died in the battle of Jerusalem, my father, who was imprisoned by Lebanese forces, and tens of thousands of young Palestinian Jews who fought to preserve their small sliver of land from those who sought to wipe them out for the second time in one century.


Remember the USS Liberty? You insult the intelligence of those who have seen the blood-thirsty, racist, murderous actions of European Jews who migrated to Palestine and sought to claim it as their own, with absolutely zero ancestral claim to the land other than Biblical myths. Anyone who questions those actions is called “anti-Semitic.” Enough of the bullshit; Israel needs to pay for its crimes.


Has anybody found a list of the usual seven suspects that are bribed to always stand with the Exceptional Nation and the cowards that abstained, afraid to offend their hegemonic masters?



June 14th today is Flag Day----and it makes me so sad to see America support whatever torture Israel does to Palestinians and those who try to bring light to all these eyes which refuse to see that Israel ignores all laws and rules . And still, the nation of Israel accuses others, yet never allows other nations to see its nuclear. So, for this Flag Day, America, I am going to skip the knee and just take an ass in recognition for all those running America ----------- and running it into the ground too-


Israeli’s should be ashamed of their government’s and military’s murderous actions. Those responsible should be tried in The Hague for war crimes. That includes N-yahoo at the top of the list.

And what a joke the Saudi Arabia leads UN Human Rights. The SA gov’t should also be tried for their war crimes in Yemen, with the US right there aiding and abetting.


Israel ignores absurd declarations like this and Israel can afford to ignore them. There will be no consequences because at the level of reality, policy makers understand the theatrics behind these declarations and the manipulation of events by Hamas.

Never mind destruction of the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp by the Syrian national army and Russia the same week as the Gaza events.

Rave on, critics of Israel.


A “sniper” in the case of this event is an IDF soldier who directs a single shot to one leg below the knee to stop a crazed Palestinian from breaking through a border fence. The very definition of proportionality.


The world of governments/corporations is not the world of human beings but a world of monsters. It all boils down to a sick worship of power and the use of their favorite management tool, FEAR.
The UN has become an ineffective palliative for a disease that has no cure.


While the shootings that have occurred by the Israeli military at the site of the protest in Gaza do not compare in scale to the damage that has been inflected by Assad on his own people in Syria and the Saudis in Yemen they should be condemned. Even though there were flaming flying kites sent over to Israel and apparently some grenades were launched and some shots fired from Gaza it does not appear that Israelis were in much danger and none seem to have been injured. The use of lethal force by Israel seems unjustified. Certainly with Trump as president I would not expect the US to condemn the Israeli actions. As long as Trump is in office it appears that Israel can do pretty much whatever it wants without the US disapproving in the UN or other international forums.


Rave on, defender of the indefensible. I hope the price of your soul is worth it.



An eye for an eye.

If 100 Israelis are not lined up and shot, the same number must be imprisoned for murder.


“Take an ass…”

That’s Priceless, Stardust!


See below reply, you’re a Zionist plain and simple. What are you doing now to stop the senseless slaughter?


It was a rhetorical question.


And my reply to you, in all due respect, and I truly mean all due respect is FUCK YOU, blow beyond!


It’s heartening that 120 countries had the courage to stand up to the Zionist murderers that billions of American tax dollars subsidize.