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Amid Speech Crackdown, French Comedian Found Guilty for Facebook Post


Amid Speech Crackdown, French Comedian Found Guilty for Facebook Post

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The controversial french comedian Dieudonné on Tuesday was found guilty of "condoning terrorism" in a satirical post made to his Facebook page, which authorities said expressed sympathy for terrorists associated with the January 7 attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine.

The Paris court sentenced Dieudonné M'bala M'bala to a suspended sentence of two months in jail.


I live in France, and have watched several of Dieudonné’s shows. He is black, with an African father, and knows that the discrimination in France against Black people as well as Muslims is noticeable, as is the vast influence of Jewish French people and pro-Zionist policies by all Parties.
To pretend his reference to Coulibaly (actually a common surname in Black people here) meant not that he understood how a Black outsider felt, but that he condoned terror is ridiculous. The present extra protection for synagogues, not mosques, shows the unfair treatment of the underdogs in French society.


Under the new world order expressing your thoughts is criminal. Like ‘I can’t wait for the predator capitalist, militarized country of the United States to collapse, so we can re-institute the Constitution and representative government.’


If the SNL skit about the daughter going off to join ISIS had been done in France they’d all have been charged.

It seems the French government is siding with the Charlie Hebdo terrorists on this one: Comics and cartoonists who cross the line must be punished.

Extremism makes strange bedfellows.


A whole lot of “free speech for me but not for thee.” - Nat Hentoff