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Amid 'Stinking Scenario,' Calls Grow for Chicago Mayor Emanuel to Resign



"One nudge from the likes of Hillary Clinton, and Emanuel would surely be headed to an early retirement."

Gads, let's drive him out before the execrable Clinton gets to claim phony credit for it!


Rahm's job is pretty safe for now, as he has always been the man behind the power, thus he knows where a lot of bodies are buried, including our current presidents.
So, short of Emmanuel's name being on a letter or order concerning a coverup, or his voice being heard on some secret recording, this little man's job is pretty safe. He will only be removed if his party wants him out, and since they already lost the governors office to a Nazi, Illinois democrats we not be willing to address their "Rahm" problem anytime soon.
Oh well, since we are now living in another American gilded age, we might as well have our own version of Tammany Hall as well. Ah, the good old days!


The guy creeps me out I think Chuy should give it a go!


Any organizing among Chicagoans for mass direct actions to render Chicago city hall inaccessible? If there are not, then any "call" for Rahm to resign is just so much blabber. If they are, they need to announce it - I'll be on the train to Chicago tomorrow to join their protest.


The "Stinking Scenario" is so foul: a country ruled by Democrats who protect lynchers in blue, and Republicans who lionize lynchers in blue. Over a century ago Black people campaigned for an anti-lynching law, and yet one is still needed, but updated to address how today the lynch mob wear badges, and are paid to do their work by the whole body politic, indeed even by the communities of those lynched, in the form of taxes on Black people to be policed by potential lynch mobs. As Emmanuel remains in office because Democrats would rather protect power than Black people's bodies, the Democrats' roots in racist violence just grow deeper. Maybe the New Democrats, with their roots in the South, were actually the New Dixiecrats. But the Black movement has been growing again recently, so I'm not sure even the Democrats' silence will be able to keep Rahm in office. Once again, grassroots Black organizers crack open space for real political change--against such terrible odds.


" On Tuesday, Emanuel announced the firing of Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy as well as a creation of a Task Force on Police Accountability."

Superintendent McCarthy may be culpable, but Chicago Mayor Emanuel should resign as well. Instead, Emanuel is using the Police Superintendent for a sacrificial lamb in order to save his own skin!

And how can this most corrupt Mayor create a Task Force on Accountability when he does not hold himself accountable? Kind of like the Mafia investigating itself!


There's a disproportion in that list that exists, too, in the media sector. The media serves as stenographer, alibi, and handmaiden of power in general.

Is it really so baffling and beyond the pale [pi] that the same power center that produced that array of predators also protects Emanuel?


If Sanders wants to show that he cares about black lives and to show how hallow Clinton is in regards to issues impacting black people, he should step forward and say something about this rat. Staying silent looks horrible and that is what I expect Clinton to do. I hope Sanders realizes this.


Oh nice!


Chicago is like the rest of the country, the buck does not stop at the top.


If he freaks you out, as many other like minded souls, absolutely feel the disgust, he should step down, and aside, he should lose his pension, as should his X police gooner in command!


Webwalk, I don't know where you get ideas to form your opinions but I am truly impressed by them . Your insightful angles into the topics is superb. Thank you, grateful fan.


The mystery is in how he got elected in the first place.I would love to hear what those Dem Party voters were thinking.


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Let us further remember that Emmanuel's career was ,launched by the Clinton administration.


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