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Amid Syriza Defections, 'Humiliating' Austerity Package Goes Before Greek Parliament


Amid Syriza Defections, 'Humiliating' Austerity Package Goes Before Greek Parliament

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Deputy finance minister Nadia Valavani, a Syriza member, resigned Wednesday in a letter to the prime minister. “I’m not going to vote for this amendment and this means I cannot stay in the government,” Valavani told reporters.

Why not stay in and vote no? Confused.


The casino contracts of the rich are being enforced on the backs of the pensioners, who ostensibly lived up to their contractual obligations. The “hide the pea (risk)” derivatives need to be unwound on the backs of the risk makers. Neoliberalism gets an “F” once again. Can’t we just deny it readmission? Only if we learn how to transfer our wealth and effort via mechanisms which represent our values and not the debt-inducing servitude to the banks.


This is an interview done with Varoufakis after he left. In this interview he gives the reason Schauble, is pushing so hard to push Greece out of the EU. Varoufakis says that what he is telling us, he got directly from Schauble.

Yanis Varoufakis on Greek Crisis : Information Clearing House - ICH

Some reported that the link was not working: I reposted it and it is working now.


Hellas! You made a statement that you want no more “austerity.”

  • Your parliamentarians and ministers who agree with you are resigning because they cannot vote yes? They are leaving the future of Hellas to those who would vote yes to austerity, to economic slavery, to hunger and want, for decades, perhaps longer?
  • Hellas, you gave a resounding OXI to the referendum. It sounded to me like you meant it. Now, tell your government that you meant what you said. OXI to austerity, debt and slavery under the IMF and EU.
  • You bravely stood up for Democracy and Freedom and brought light in the darkness for other nations in your plight.
  • Now, your government wants to cave in to the orders of the slave masters. Don’t let them! Tell them OXI! OXI! OXI! The government is supposed to be your servant, not the other way around! That is how real Democracy works!
  • There are alternatives! Argentina and Iceland found ways and you can too. Most of the world is behind you, and not the greedy banksters and their lackeys, so do not give up your freedom!
  • The banksters want to punish you for standing up to them! They want to load you with still more debt, more hunger, even deeper poverty, to show the world what happens to upstarts who want Democracy, want control over their own lives and livelihood.
  • You are not upstarts, you are the Cradle of Democracy! Keep it alive and nurture it. You are not alone!
  • Except for the greedy vampires who are sucking out your life’s blood, the world is in your corner, and it hates them, too!
  • Don’t let your Parliament sell you down the river of slavery.


As a minister rather than just a party member, she was obliged to vote for Tsipras’s proposal. Now she can vote against.


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“Whoever has an alternative [solution] should come and tell me.” -Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Get out of the Euro. It’s that simple. Either you care about the working class, poor and elderly in your country or you’re a servant of financial capitalists.

Which is it?


thanks. :O)


Aim for politician fair who’ll treat your vote hope well
The last thing they’ll ever do act in your interest
Look at the world through your Polaroid glasses
Things’ll look a whole lot better for the working classes
(Working classes)

“Essence Rare” by Gang Of Four


Rise like lions, shake your chains, babe
Ye are many, they are few
Take from the rich and give to the poor.

“Robin Hood” - The Mekons


I went to ICH and found it. See if this link works

  • I just noticed that ICH is coupled with the address just before the http, so that may be the cause of the 404. Also, that 7 at the end may be the problem, it is not on the address of the article in ICH.
  • PS, I just clicked on it to test it and it came right up.


The report says a small group of protesters. Probably Agents Provocateur. Maybe CIA? It wouldn’t surprise me, it is right in their line of work.


that’s what he would say to you. you realize that if they exited today, then the greek banks would remain closed and all those old people etc. would not only lose their deposits (depositor haircut a la Cypress) but they wouldn’t have access to any more credit/debt which is the basis of increasing the money supply.

make no mistake. I think they should leave because they’ll have to eventually anyway. but it’s not because Tsipras is some cackling Mr Burns gleefully fleecing the gullible people.

We can type glibly about what the Greek leadership should or should not do, but none of us is responsible for the safety of an entire nation state, either.

The only way out is what isn’t happening right now, and that’s the influx of a massive capital infusion from a nation or group of nations that can afford to probably lose that amount in default. We’re talking nearly 90 billion euros. That would wipe out the BRICS bank entirely and then some. This is a really, really grim situation.


One word missing from the discussion of how Greece can be threatened - Turkey


I did not know about Gladio. The Greek civil war was considered over in 1949. The British followed by the Americans went into Greece to prevent the communist-led (but not communist membership) resistance from holding any power in the Greek state. When the junta stupidly decided to send troops into Cyprus, it was widely believed in Greece that the Americans winked, knowing what Turkey would do. My evidence is small and anecdotal, but it seems to me that any mention of Turkish military activity makes a Greek go pale. Think of all those islands on the Turkish coast - close to Turkey but populated by Greeks.


You mean those islands which are to be privatized, sold off to the wealthy bidders, the money to go back to fill the coffers of the EU banks? I imagine that those Greeks currently inhabiting the islands will be evicted, or charged rack rents until they are broke and must leave.

  • Under these new rules by the Troika, the Greeks will own nothing! Everything of value is to be sold off to pay the debt (to fatten the coffers of the banksters). I imagine when Hellas has been stripped to where there is nothing left to steal, the Troika will bail out, leaving the wreckage behind as a lesson to any other society which wants to retain its freedom, its identity, its dignity in the face of increasingly Fascist governments.
  • The time to end this is now, and Hellas could well be the catalyst that will bring this house of fascist cards down.
  • Let us help in whatever way we can, to support Hellas and its people. The Nazis almost destroyed Hellas once. Let’s not let them do it a second time.


Funny thing is, our general population seems clueless about the fact that the US has simply been taking a wiser approach to implementing the austerity agenda – doing it slowly, and from the bottom up, while simply ignoring the consequences (i.e., our poverty crisis). We’ve been gradually implementing austerity since the mid-1980s. Consider the results: When Reagan was first elected, launching the long campaign against America’s poor, the overall quality of life in the US was rated at #1. By the time Obama was elected, the US had already plunged to #43. What makes our strategy much more successful is that, while imposing austerity on more and more of the population, govt/media have maintained a successful propaganda campaign against the poor. Today, Americans so strongly believe in the success of the corporate state that they think everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief.


How and why? The US is following in the same footsteps. We have essentially surrendered the US to corporate powers, and have steadily been transitioning into another Greece (albeit far more slowly). I guess we can tell Greece to get a job, pull itself up by the bootstraps, and to look for a hand up, not a handout. Seriously, there is nothing we can do about Greece, or Europe as a whole. The US has far less power than the average American dares to imagine.


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