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Amid Tense Primary Fight, Powerful Democrat Rep. Richie Neal Condemned for Supporting Predatory Medical Billing Policy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/21/amid-tense-primary-fight-powerful-democrat-rep-richie-neal-condemned-supporting

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Neal is a shining example of what’s wrong with Congress and the DP; a corporate profits over people SB who harms ordinary people to enrich a few as well as himself! This kind of zero decency person must be cut down and every root pulled! We will never achieve even a small amount of what needs to be accomplished to preserve and grow the Common Good with Neal and those like him or his kind of Democratic Party.
A new party seems essential as those withing the party enable, support,a nd coddle with a blind - or uncaring - eye for the rot infecting what onces was at least partially a People’s Party, now corrupted beyond repair!

All respect and support for Holyoke, Massachusetts Mayor Alex Morse, who is running against Neal in the September 1 Democratic primary. hoping he will be another victory for justice and the Common Good against the common greed Neal represents!!


And Neal will be one of the go-to guys in a Biden administration.

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For the unknowing: Surprise medical billing works thusly

You get broad sided at the cross road, an ambulance picks you up and takes you to the nearest emergency room for care by the emergency room doctor. No problem, your insurance covers your broke arm and bruises.

Two weeks later you get a bill from WackaWallStreetMedicalCapital Vultures, LLC. They own the ambulance, the emergency room and the doctor. We are not in your ‘network’.

Surprise, surprise gobber …You owe us $10,000.

Contribute to Alex Morse. Want stop surprise billing but will stop Neal.
Some other neo-liberal wall street dim will take his place.


I’ve had multiple times where I paid all charges for a medical procedure, the doctors, the facilities, etc. only to get a bill a year or to later reading “You now owe…[a sum on the same magnitude as what I had already paid]”. I hate the American system and the vampires that populate it.


Alex Morse has an entry at Brand New Congress (~https://brandnewcongress.org/Alex-Morse) and sounds very good. I hope the voters in his district realize their opportunity.



“It’s evident who Congressman Neal is working for,” Morse [told] Buzzfeed News . “He’s certainly not working for the people.”

Here’s some documentation on that:

According to Open Secrets, Neal has collected about $3 million, of which almost $2 million are from PACs. The biggest sectors are: Finance/Insurance/Real Estate – $1 million, and Health – 0.5 million. He got almost no from small contributors.

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” – Matthew 6.21.

Alex Morse, in contrast, has gotten a lot of his $ from small donations, including mine.


That’s the type of surprise billing the bill targetted. Plenty of other types, but even the so-called progressive sponsors didn’t want to go too far.

The only way to eliminate all types of surprise medical billing is single-payer, universal in who and what it covers.


I have also had that happen. When I called the doctors office, I was told “don’t worry about it”. I believe it’s the medical provider scamming the IRS to reduce the tax they owe, by claiming these bills were defaulted on.


I never pay it, but do worry if it hurts my credit rating on which I am fortunate to not have to rely.

The one I received was for the exact amount I had already paid, and the doctors office told me they weren’t expecting payment, that’s why I believe they’re reducing their tax bill with them.

“Congressman Neal needs to stop obstructing efforts to protect people from predatory behavior like surprise billing and start being part of the solution,” said Miller.

No. Congressman Neal needs to be retired and replaced with any decent human being. Along with, unfortunately, very many others of his kind.

Or, if we wait until the shit really hits the fan in earnest, perhaps we’ll resurrect the public pillory and frog march the lot of them, one by one, for extended stays

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