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Amid Terror Fever, Sanders Refuses to Back Down on Climate Threat Claim



A political cartoon is in order to drive the point home.

In this cartoon, the viewer would see a series of Drone pilots dropping bombs upon parched earth, the dry remains of a once vibrant riverbed.

The Caption reads: "Fighting Drought. Your tax dollars at work!"


Sorry Bernie, it isn't true unless WE say it's true.


Your Mainstream Media


Author and historian Gwynne Dyer's lecture at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts at SFU agrees and broadens Bernie's perspective nicely. During the question-and-answer period, Dyer was asked if terrorism isn't such a concern, what truly frightens him?
"Climate change, climate change, climate change," he replied.



Some heads of state like Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, have forbidden the words climate change from being uttered--with the Damocles Sword of losing your job for the words you speak hanging over you. Henry Giroux tells us that "giving way to the poisonous logics of self-interest, privatization and the unfettered drive for wealth, US society reneges on the social contract and assumes the role of a punishing state. Under the regime of a predatory neoliberalism, compassion and respect are viewed increasingly with contempt while the spectacle of violence titillates the multitudes and moves markets. A free-market mentality now drives and corrupts politics, destroys social protections, celebrates a hyper-competitiveness and deregulates economic activity. All human activities, practices and institutions are now subject to market principles. Public goods such as toll roads, libraries and schools are privatized as the very idea of the common good becomes an object of disdain. Consequently, under such circumstances, governing principles such as equality, justice and fairness begin to disappear from the discourse of politics. As politics is emptied of any sense of social responsibility, the apostles of casino capitalism preach that allegedly amoral economic activity exacts no social costs, and in doing so, they accelerate the expanding wasteland of disposable goods and people. One consequence is a vast and growing landscape of human suffering, amplified by a mass-mediated metaphysics of retribution and violence that more and more creeps into every commanding institution of US society, now serving myriad functions such as sport, spectacle, entertainment, and punishment."


Quit using the term mainstream. There is nothing mainstream about propaganda outlets serving a slim minority of barely human upperclass mafioso who will do anything to get more.


And we won't say it's true unless our lords and masters allow us to.


Ah yes. The wages of utter and complete narcissistic self-absorption .


Outstanding! (I'm glad I was just before taking a drink of water - trying to swallow and laugh at the same time never ends well for me)


The causes of war are endless.

We live, as you point out, in a violent world, and giving the threat of nuclear war a somewhat lessened importance to climate change, is the niceity of the Devil. This is not to disparage Sanders or his courage, just the world we live in.


More directly, the thing that is causing global warming is also causing the current violence in the middle east - spelled O. I. L.


I think Bernie is correct although saying that the day after the Paris attacks does seem kind of odd. You would think he want to emphasize the threat of Islamic jihad since this is what is on people's minds. The time to emphasize the threats posed by climate change would be just before the climate meeting later this month. Bernie is right but his timing is way off. It is somewhat understandable why he is being attacked for his statement even though what he actually said was correct. I think his problem is that he lacks flexibility. When asked a question he tries immediately to pivot to part of a stump speech. Even on his opening statement when asked about the Paris attacks he did that. His major asset is the delivery of his stump speeches during the debates but sometimes that is not the way to go.


Might I submit the "threat of Islamic jihad" is a direct product of relentless US and western militarism in the middle east. Bernie was sticking with the truth, and not simply pivoting to part of his stump speech. I expect he does not easily fall into the popular response to immediate (if horrific) events, which seems to be to forget everything else, including context; but rather he keeps seeing the bigger picture, and has two things: commitment, and a very good attention span. So, he was not off track, more like the situation changed dramatically just before the debates, and, while acknowledging this, he stuck with the bigger issues. To him, and within the huger context, his message was right on. He likewise was not willing to be distracted or put off by the appalling spectacle which CBS news made out of this most important of American political events. He just stood there, gripping the sides of the podium, speaking when his time came, remaining courteous and orderly, and sticking to the issues this country and the world face.
A whole lot of what is "on people's minds' is drilled into them by the corporate media, and thus most people, as I noted above, live in the moment, and forget about context, and the larger, long term issues.


Do you know who also believes everything that Bernie said that you're trying to mock?

The Pentagon. Have you ever heard of them? I'm not making it up. Seriously, google "pentagon climate change" or something similar. Someone would have to be badly uninformed to take this bit of writing seriously. Nothing he said there was his own creation -- it's pretty close to being common knowledge for anyone whose understanding of current affairs isn't limited to the fantasy world created by conservative media.


I don't know about that.

Bernie can't parrot what the other empty suits are babbling about. He's got to stand out as different. Without the huge Wall Street Advertizing dollars Clinton has, Bernie has got to continue being true to his message that he's a radically different choice. That's good they are attacking him, for there is no such thing as bad publicity.

This Kiss of Death for Bernie right now is to not be controversial and get forgotten as another victim of the Smug Hillary barrage of TV commercials on the couch potatoes of America. Right now he's driving the entire debate, forming it.

He's saying, this Paris attack is nothing compared to the hell on Earth we are going to see if we keep using the air for a trashcan. As a member of the Senate Intel Committee, he knows what CIA and the MIC think about this threat. It's our number one security threat.

Feel the Bern!


I heartily agree with Bernie Sanders that climate change is the greatest threat either the United States or the world faces. I want him to fight all out to mitigate and adapt to climate change as much as possible, so world can feed itself.


how terror works is like this. Do the attack, watch what happens. if the western world flies into a tizzy, closes its borders, insists everyone says we are more scared of terror than anything, that means it was a success, and reason enough to do the same thing, or probably worse again. a concept hawks will sadly never understand


There is definitely such a thing as bad publicity in politics. George Romney who was leading the field of Republican candidates in one sentence sunk his chances when he said he was brainwashed when he visited Vietnam. Gary Hart lost his chance when it became known he went on trip with a woman. Howard dean uttered one wild yelp to energize his supporters and his chances were ended. Joe Biden lost his chance at the nomination over the publicity that he plagiarized. Bernie doesn't need to be controversial. What he needs is more support among African Americans, Hispanics, and working class Democrats.


Right on Bernie


Bernie is of course able to see well beyond the immediate situation whereas repub candidates can barely see in front of their noses with their predictable reactions (ISIS knows them oh too well).