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Amid the Crowing of the GOP and Clinton, Sanders Is on the Rise


Amid the Crowing of the GOP and Clinton, Sanders Is on the Rise

Robert Scheer

How easy it is to mock the Republican candidates. They’re the gang in the clown car climbing all over each other to offer a reactionary message of disarray that has all but destroyed the chances of the Bush family dynasty continuing. But isn’t that a grand achievement for the democratic process?


Good to see Scheer here in print. This sentence nails it:

“For Democrats, appearing moderate is quite easy, as Clinton proved as a senator and secretary of state: Just carry water for the military-industrial complex and Wall Street while pretending to be concerned about the ordinary folks who suffer from those costly policies.”

Former Reagan administration voices as well as more Left-leaning pundits recognize the power held by big banks and the military industrial complex. These entities, along with corporations like Legal Drug cartels (i.e. big pharma.), Monsanto, Dupont, the Carlyle Group, the Wal-Mart family, Koch Brothers, et al) RUN “the place.” And so long as our nation’s halls of government function as subsidiaries of these corporate entities, elections are mostly for show.

IF Bernie Sanders can continue to make waves with similar movements taking hold in U.K., Greece, Spain, and parts of South America… there is the very real chance that a sea-change is gathering momentum. Pope Francis is also adding power to this phenomenon.


Looking at the NYT and other election tracking sites, the big categories are polls, money, endorsements (officials and media). So let’s unpack that:
Money- exactly the thing that turns people off of politicians, and the DNC thinks it a disadvantage, but it gives Sanders credibility, and most of those contributors have not hit their limit and will continue to give (unlike Clinton and Bush).

Polls – show upward trend of Sanders, combined with event attendance and volunteer counts, Bernie wins again.

Delegates – of course establishment officials will endorse establishment candidates, which is a negative in the progressive and non-voter camps. And media pundits and bookies are all operating on an expired playbook.

I get in a fhphttpt when I hear Clinton is still predicted to win… how? By endorsement majority of voters don’t respect? By having a minority of enthusiastic support? By playing politics-as-usual? By having more corrupt money that infuriates anti-establishment mood? Or is it just simply repeating oneself because you can’t admit you are wrong or don’t know.

Rant completed.


“Amid the Crowing of the GOP …”
Hey, don’t insult crows that way! :sunglasses:


“Are we really ready for another Clinton?”
Every bit as much as we are ready for another shrub …


We know that the majority of our elected terrorists – especially bush-dark – take their walking orders from the MIC/corporations/Wall St. Some of the biggest and most corrupt entities make up the 6 corporations that own the news, and having Her Royal Disaster or Jebby in the WH would make them even more powerful and rich so they are doing what many of us did in our younger years – if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes true. Ergo, if they keep saying HRD is ahead they figure we peons will decide Bernie doesn’t have a chance and vote for that even though it’s the last thing we really want or need! We just need to realize and give voice to this propaganda regularly until AFTER the election.


The media is applying the same strategy on Sanders that they used to demonize Ralph Nader onto the sidelines during the 70s and 80s.

Scheer is being charitable to the Clintons in asserting that Bill’s banking decriminalization actions gave the banks billions.
According to the US Government’s General Accounting Office (page 131 of report GAO-11-696) as of June 2011 Congress put US taxpayers on the hook for $16 trillion in bank bailout commitments.


Perhaps more of us should have seen through the free trade BS that helped to get us all here. In the midst of a Canadian election, my people are having the same difficulties waking up. They are waking up…but the narcotics supplied by free markets and totally unregulated marketeers, keep many of us nodding back off again.

We prefer to fight over trivial issues…and the right wing is good at throwing the people bones to mud wrestle over, and we keep being sold the mantra of jobs, jobs, jobs…

The truth…that a free market must include an enslaved people, eludes many of us force fed corporate media for most of our lives. And the fear of being among the ‘losers’ keeps us convinced we have to bomb some other place, or come down hard on some other people…in order to hang onto the scraps we still have.

In the States you only have Bernie…we have a social democratic party that has never won federal power. Both are small changes the people could make…and the interesting thing is that Big Money is so afraid of that small change, that their propoganda machines will go into overtime frightening us out of going through that change door.

My fear and sorrow is, that they will prevail.


Too many in this country are like the Virginia slave holders who hated slavery but clung to their slaves because they believed it was the only way they could retain their comfortable life style.


A healthy rant now ad again can provide for a refreshing catharsis.


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I remember reading something about that the last time the reptards were threatening to shut down the government over the $16 trillion national debt – I thought it was rather strange that the national debt was damn close equal to what we had thrown away on the Wall St terrorists!