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Amid Threats of Discipline, Hundreds of Colleges Assure Prospective Students Anti-Gun Protests Cool With Them


Amid Threats of Discipline, Hundreds of Colleges Assure Prospective Students Anti-Gun Protests Cool With Them

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Since some high school officials started threatening to punish students who engage in protests for gun control after a mass shooter killed 17 people in Parkland, Florida last month, scores of colleges and university have


Anybody who needs an authority’s permission to protest is not protesting.


No one can threaten Righteousness.


That is correct! Been there; done that at college during the Viet Nam war!


Question Authority!


You’re right without questioning authority there would be no change. Imagine Rosa Parks asking permission!


Hi Tom,

I agree that the students should not decide whether or not to protest based on the response of their school’s administration. The point that I see, however, is that the schools should be harshly condemned for putting out the message that students should be compelled to shut up and consent.


Schools have always been about creating good little conformists. It’s only the rare genuine educators who inspire kids to creativity, communication, compassion, critical thinking, and independent thinking.


When one is in danger of being killed one is entitled to protest! That’s all there is to it.


Personally I don’t own a gun but I’m probably a fool for not doing so. If I still had a family living with me, and in light of present circumstances both civil and global, I might be very motivated to get one even though it would be counter to my Spirit’s little voice.
I admire the protesting children and the schools and institutions supporting them. All guns will probably never go away but some changes are most certainly in order. Whether change happens will depend on the stubborn persistence of the protesters and the support they are given by us.


The young people reacting to the murders of their friends are becoming aware of their potential political power. They should focus on organizing and strong actions rather than asking the man if it’s OK for them to protest. If you young people falter, “they” will destroy you, just like every other movement that threatens war, greed, and profits above all else!

We, you, all of humanity, are at a crossroads battling greed and wealth and stupidity - big-money ruling the world’s direction for the narrow benefit of the connected few - Already, yesterday, trump met with the NRA ( easy access to the prez most do not have) and as usual he is folding eve on even his mealy-mouthed deceit about some common sense regs on assault weapons etc his brain and malleable morality (if one can even call it that) are like his shallow tweets…full of shit and meaningless… trump now tweets.“the NRA are really really great folks that want to do the right thing, great people” - or some such lying moron blather!

The PTB are intent on smothering young activists before they even know who they are - threats to your financial security are a powerful one - don’t buy it! Fight The Power!

"Trump met with the head of the National Rifle Association’s lobbying arm, who stated after the Oval Office sit-down that the president is a steadfast supporter of its pro-gun agenda.

“Good (Great) meeting in the Oval Office tonight with the NRA!” Trump tweeted."


"NRA’s chief lobbyist: Donald Trump does not want gun control
Chris Cox suggests US president has reversed his position after meeting him in the White House

Once a shallow low-life POS that doesn’t care about anything but money and his BS “empire”, always so…this WH & occupant the most corrupt, ignorant, shallow, stupid and malignant in American history!


“Rational Minds Question Authority.”

I found a T-shirt with this slogan on the back in the 70’s.

It’s well worn.


Could this be a set up?


In 2016, there were more than 38,000 gun deaths in the U.S., 2/3 of them suicides, and more than 11,000 homicides. (http://time.com/5011599/gun-deaths-rate-america-cdc-data/ )

Since World War II, more than 20 MILLION people have been killed in U.S. wars in 37 nations, as of November, 2015 (https://popularresistance.org/us-has-killed-more-than-20-million-in-37-nations-since-wwii/). That’s an average of more than 285,714 people each year since 1945 due to U.S. wars.

How about anti-war protests as well as anti-gun protests?