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Amid Torture, Records Reveal CIA's Other Crime Was 'Human Experimentation'


Amid Torture, Records Reveal CIA's Other Crime Was 'Human Experimentation'

Jon Queally, staff writer


“After the Central Intelligence Agency was given authority to begin torturing suspected terrorists in the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001…”

Sorry sports fans, this was an illegal order. Out of bounds. Did not count. Illegal to follow. Have we learned nothing?!


Prof. Philip Zimbardo (Stanford prison simulation experiments) set the tone for this shit in the name of science. Effers like him give science and curiosity a bad name. The study of evil is not a scientific endeavor.


Orwell rolls over on Huxley as they make American porn at its best.


This is what happens when psychopaths rule the world. Certainly this has happened with the shadow government that is the CIA and its affiliates (Mossad, M16, etc.) have taken over… maybe about 1963?


Okay SR is slowly educating me re the use of “we.” We did not commit these atrocities; but, we are being numbed to the point of accepting them. Now that we know what is being done in our names, what are “we” going to do about it?


Apparently not.


Frank Olson Legacy Project


How is a consensual study that was terminated, albeit later that it should have, the same as a criminal bunch of torturers and forced experimentation?


Are you really saying that the USA had clean hands before and it was all the doings of these Germans? Given the history of destruction that this government has committed since its founding, I’d be willing to wager the Germans merely furthered the program rather than being responsible for it as your comment suggests.


Don’t badmouth Zimbardo. He was quite surprised by what happened, since his conditions were very unlike Milgram’s. He was open about what he wanted the students to do, there were no hidden confederates. What caught him on the hop was how identified they became with their assigned role. Milgram’s subjects didn’t so much become identified with their role as socially committed – even when they felt very upset and didn’t want to carry on, they obeyed the experimentor’s demand that they do so.

And the study of evil really is a scientific endeavour, and should receive more attention than it gets. It’s only by studying what psychopaths do that we can refute their claims that (a) they didn’t do anything and (b) if they did do something it was because their victims asked for it and © if they didn’t ask for it they damned well deserved it because of being Untermenschen.


You should read Zimbardo’s book about the Stanford prison experiment. (Sorry, I don’t remember the title off hand.) The project was to run for two weeks but Dr. Z cancelled it after three days. He admits he was as caught up in the drama as the participants and it was only when his partner pointed out the experiment had crossed into unethical grounds that he realized things were going down a dark path and stopped the experiment. He dissects the errors in detail and takes responsibility for what happened (unlike Bush, Cheney and the CIA). His insight into what actually occured is extremely valuable and his criticism and condemnation of subsequent CIA actions, i.e. Abu Graib and “black sites”, shows he is to be commended and not vilified for his actions. As long as we do not study all aspects of our evil nature we will continue to pretend people like Hitler and Bush are aberations and fail to recognize these tendencies lurk inside most human beings. Where did the guards come from who made Auschwitz, Treblinka and Sobibor possible? From regular, every-day people just like us.


Yep, indeed. Prisons have long been the lab and prisoners the lab “rats”. This system has got to go!


“Perceived abuses,” the article says in reference to the 70’s Senate investigation (Church committee) of CIA misconduct. HA! These were not “perceived” abuses. The CIA publicly admitted in front of the Senate, god and the universe, the awful things they were doing. (and still do). It came out of their own mouths…without being tortured, I might add. Yet our “leaders” still endeavor to give the evil dogs as much lack of oversight as possible.


Total non cooperation. Work on a vision for our future and organize politically/collectively.


The Germans, to my understanding, got the idea of concentration camps from the USA Indian “Reservations”.


“But the discretion given to the CIA director to “approve, modify, or disapprove all proposals pertaining to human subject research” has not previously been public.”: Well so much for “informed” consent.


It’s called The Lucifer Effect; I have it right here and I highly recommend it.


About 22nd November 1963? Coup d’Etat


Philippines 1898. You Yanks were hard at the concentration camp trip then. As for ethnic cleansing; put them thar injuns in “reservations”, bud.