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Amid Torture Scandal, APA Heads Keep Rolling


Amid Torture Scandal, APA Heads Keep Rolling

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Amid ongoing revelations that the American Psychological Association (APA) aided the U.S. government's secret torture program, several APA officials on Tuesday announced their resignation from the organization, including its chief executive officer.

Dr. Norman Anderson, who became CEO of the APA in 2003, said he was leaving in order to "allow the association to take another step in the important process of organizational healing," according to a press release.


Now that they have resigned they can go right to trial, and with due process go to JAIL!


The American Psychological Association (APA) Task Force on Psychological
Ethics and National Security (PENS) met in the summer of 2005.
Six of the nine voting Task Force members were on the payroll of the military/intelligence establishment, and several of them worked in the chains of command when and where instances of abuse and torture had reportedly occurred. (from Roy Eidelson 2012)

We have been after them for quite some time now.
Try them, Convict them, Send them to Jail.


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“White collar” crime on behalf of the amerikan empire
gets you the CIA protection program.


All those members who supported the torture regimen whether or not personally involved should be censured.


The heads of this organization at the very least should have the ‘Do no harm’ directive at the center of their mandate. It begs belief that they could rationalize their actions right up til 2015 and still be in place in their organization. I mean, really, 2015! There may be a few profound structural issues that need focusing on here… It points up how morally confused/divided the country is that there has never been a serious action taken by the judiciary or the government to address the war crimes of Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and all the other actors at the top of pile. Disgusting. I suspect the country will not heal until this is addressed. Sad, and because of the precedent set, scary!


Jail is too nice for them. They should spend the rest of their lives in a squalid insane asylum at the mercy of homicidal lunatics.


“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton)

The CIA has not been reined in since its inception as the OSS in 1942 (FDR). When appearing before any number of House or Senate Committee hearings since before the Regan administration, prevarications and obfuscation are the practiced responses from CIA operatives/officers. When an org like the CIA is allowed to function in total secrecy and has authority to self-monitor, then all manner of corrupt, inhumane, and illegal practices become the rule rather than the exception. Enlisting (and employing/paying) the APA to suggest ways to torture in the name of the “war on terror” is something out of the Nazi playbook.

All credibility and respectability have been erased by the actions of the APA actors/administrators/psychos.


The Hoffman investigative report portrays lawyer and psychologist Stephen Behnke as

the impresario of the organization’s campaign to depict itself as a
human rights champion, while quietly permitting its members to engage in
coercive interrogations and shielding them from ethics complaints.

It turns out that said Stephen Behnke was the APA’s ethics director whose function, we are belatedly informed, entailed “shielding from ethics complaints” those expert sadists undertaking horrific governmental missions in the name of the professional organization.

Prison would provide an opportunity for such unconscious yet highly credentialed “psychologists” to face their darkest shadows–hopefully given years to fill in their glaring gaps in Jungian psychology.