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Amid Trump Chaos, Republicans Keep Eyes on the Prize: The Courts


Amid Trump Chaos, Republicans Keep Eyes on the Prize: The Courts

Jake Johnson, staff writer


The Dems do not seem to have a strategic plan for anything.


I think that the Dems strategic plan is to collude with the 'other side' in pushing this country right-ward. We cannot look to them to get in the way of Repug aggression. That push will have to come from individuals, hopefully including some that voted for Trump.


Makes you wonder about a lot of things, starting with why did Obama (and the Dems) allow the Republicans to restore their fortunes under the rubric of some fantasy ideal of bipartisanship? After Bush/Cheney the support for Repubs was down to record levels and it was a question whether the Republican Party would be able to survive the Bush/Cheney debacle. From down in the toilet to ruling the roost thanks to Obama and the apparent mindlessness or perhaps willful/purposeful incompetency of the Dems. In the end it sure looks like the Dems simply did not want to beat the Republicans, so they literally helped them return to power.

Here we are with the Repubs in power and making no attempt at bipartisanship. The Repubs appear utterly intent on dismantling actual democracy ( which they can't control without doing a lot of work ) and replacing it with an oligarchy dominated version of democracy where the public will only see democracy on the local level. Plus a limited democracy on the state and federal levels where the public is supposed to vote for the duopoly selected and approved candidates.

The oligarchic corporate coup is pushing ahead as if democracy is an enemy. The Repubs know that what they propose goes against the will of the people. They want to use the courts to prevent democracy in the future. For them, the people having a say whether they want a progressive agenda or a conservative agenda is stupid! For them, the people having no say in the matter is the way they want to go.

They feel threatened by democracy!


As I have said many times over the past decade or so, Hitler is reputed to have said, "To truly control a country you must first control its courts. Then, everything you do is legal and anything the opposition does is illegal."
* Looks like the citizens subjects of the US Fourth Reich will get a chance to see how it works in real time.
* Yeccch!


No Russians

No rush to arms


The Democrats are too busy fighting each other to pay much attention to this. But if this prediction is correct whether the Hillary wing or Bernie wing comes out on top the prize will not mean much. It appears the Democrats have decided to divide themselves. Nice gift to the Republicans.


The Dems are busy grandstanding and pretending to be prosecuting attorneys during the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA hearings.


Democratic leaders are complicit with the two objectives of this court packing -- corporate and white supremacy.


"you can stop the progressive movement.."?? What progressive movement??


the real controllers fear unity ...a word never used in the msm because it would destroy their plans from their masters to divide. if the people refused to cooperate with their laws and plans without violence it would end and that includes voting. one side fighting with the other only furthers the plans of the world leaders or globalists.


yes, because the "progressive agenda" was doing so well before the court was being packed by Golden Horde henchmen.

But by all means, panic and vote Dem again in 2018. Rinse and repeat.


Because it was super intelligent to give the courts to the hard right? Trump just nominated a new slate of judges. These guys don't care about progressive interests at all, the opposite. If you want to stop single payer, the judiciary is a great way.


I question how we conceptualize the courts - yes, political power turns the courts this way or that with very real consequences. Tres importante!
But, the courts are not a democratic system elaborated through citizen input. The essential machinery of the courts is inherited from the Romans through England to the west. The foundational edicts of the courts do not protect the public from authoritarian politics and economies that commodify life and condemn millions to lives as working or unemployed poor. Courts protect and preserve the imbalance of power making courts the steely tool of domination.
We will not resolve key social problems solely through warfare over selection of justices. We will resolve many of our problems when the courts are restructured to ensure the majority have power over the wealthy minority. We are not Romans even if we are ruled by emperors.


Everything political in this country will get worse before it gets better. Until those in gated communities are shivering in fear, as well as those on WS, in the WH, and the state houses, nothing will change.

Now if daggers, pitchforks, torches and ropes to tie oppressors to trees (upside down) then maybe . . .

But instead of outright violence, we could have days of national strikes, and that means:

  1. Not going to work, even at a risk of being fired.
  2. Not buying gas.
  3. Not buying anything else, legally from a store at least.

But what is the likelihood of that?

Until we commoners, we 99% start to fight our oppressors, our aristocrats of Planet Death, nothing will change--not through worldwide marching, voter registration, calling offices, boycotts and all.

We are literally watching our planet melt away, because we are too fucking comfortable in our own little worlds. Not willing to fight?, then go into your 10 year underground escape hideaway, and the best of luck when you come to the surface, if there is anything left.

I have taken part in legal, world changing (arguably) political campaigns, voting, marches. We do not have that kind of time left. Sorry. Think science/technology will come save us at the last minute? Good luck with that.


This was the single biggest reason I had for saying HRC was the only alternative in the last election. It's the reason I voted for Obama in 2012, when the polls showed it close in my state (turns out, wasn't that close). One of the nicer things I can say about Obama is that he didn't appoint monsters to the courts.

Stuff like this isn't as sexy as lots of the other stuff. It lacks the opportunity for the self-righteous indignation the Internet loves so very much...until, of course, really awful rulings come down. Let Roe v. Wade get overturned and you'll see social media explode with indignation. It'll be GREAT! Except, y'know, for women, but hey, won't we all look cool talking about how awful everything is?


You're assuming you'll be able to vote in 2018, which tells me that voter ID laws and other anti-voting legislation probably doesn't affect you.

For others, though, a change in the courts that starts upholding these laws means that they may NOT get to vote in 2018, or the racial gerrymandering is so intense that their vote is effectively meaningless.

Things like this matter to me. I'd hope that they matter to everyone here. I mean, why do you think that conservatives are so eager to stack the courts? Their laws keep getting overturned. They can change that. Then everyone will be paying attention to the issue, but it will be far too late.


Bertram Gross' Friendly Fascism (1980) is a good (and extremely prescient) analysis of how fascism is currently metastasizing. I can't recommend it enough for you to read and pass along to assist in the awakening required to bend back the forces squeezing what is left of humanity off the face of this earth.


The new plan is same as the old plan: take as much oligarch money as you can take.


Well, the title to the editorial says it all and you're right. The Judiciary IS the prize but contrary to the posts I've read, it's not the Repubs or Conservatives that are "afraid" of democracy, it's the Progressive's. Give the people the right to determine how to live their lives and not SCOTUS and they will choose the former. Starting with Roosevelt, the SC has taken more and more of a legislative role and Congress, on both sides, allowed it. The idea of co-equal branches of government is to create a system of check and balances. Congress can override the SC. Since they can't do it legislatively, Progressives have to depend on Justices who view the Constitution as a "living document" to allow them to "correct" what they see as injustices in American society. So yes, SCOTUS is the big prize and that is the main reason I voted for and support Trump.
Oh yeah, this whole Trump chaos/Russian collusion/obstruction narrative is just another fabrication of the Left.