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Amid Trump 'Deafening' Silence, Poll Shows Nearly Two-Thirds Believe Extramarital Affair Allegations

Amid Trump 'Deafening' Silence, Poll Shows Nearly Two-Thirds Believe Extramarital Affair Allegations

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump's "deafening" and uncharacteristic silence on his alleged affairs with adult film actress Stormy Daniels and former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal continues even in the aftermath of Daniels' widely-viewed "60 Minutes" interview Sunday night, a new CNN

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Good quote, but I would add these people are MUCH WORSE than Stephanie Clifford because the Republican, hypocrites that are such cowards that they condone Trump’s actions, in my view, are by their silence guilty of TREASON AND ARE THE MODERN Benedict Arnold’s!

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Of course people believe that Trump had affairs. The question is: Who cares?

That Trump is sleazy is not news to anyone, supporter or non-supporter.


I was disgusted to hear of Bill Clinton’s extra marital sex. I remember a huge number of Republicans jumping on the anti Bill band wagon at that time. And now we have Trump, who is very obviously having multiple extra marital affairs/ sex. But that seems to be OK with Republicans. Huge double standard? Yes.

I just hope that in the 2020 presidential election that we end up Trump running for re election and a Democrat as bad as Trump running against him. I am not reassured by the probable Joe Biden run for election in the next presidential election.

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Why in the world would you hope for that?


The third of Murkins who don’t believe Trump has affairs are afflicted with terminal denial syndrome (TDS) that has been at epidemic levels in Murka for at least a half century. There is no known cure and it is often passed on to the next generation.

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I’m still waiting (tick-tock) for the defamation lawsuits he threatened his accusers with—speaking of “deafening silences.”

I see “Lady Justice” holding up her “Scale of Justice” and on one side of the scale are these very credible women with absolutely nothing to gain from embarrassing themselves with revealing a mistake they made in their past, and on the other side of the scale is a proven Pathological Liar.

Any questions about how this scale would tip?


If it’s Biden/Trump in 2020, we’re all fucked again.


Yes and yes. Biden is the closest thing the Democrats have to being their Trump. He is an insider with lots of experience in congress, and Democrats still haven’t learned from the 2016 Hillary Clinton loss and the worst voter turn out in 70 years. Democrats need more than insider Democrats running for president.

I would much prefer Bernie, but he is getting old and I don’t think he will run for president again… The polls in 2016 show that Bernie was a stronger candidate against Trump than Hillary or others. But Hillary was the Democratic Party insider.

To those who are dismissing this, as there should be no focus whatsoever on these events, this MSM news coverage…

This is absolutely significant, in the way that Daniel’s attorney is fighting this. It absolutely IS about the very nature of this fascist named Trump. I think she is credible regarding her accounting of a threat made against her, and that is exactly what Trump would do with any political enemy if he could get away with it.

If it weren’t for this woman, and her attorney taking a stand against this fucking jerk named Donald Trump, then this fucking jerk named Donald Trump would have successfully silenced her, and other women that this fucking jerk is lying about, using his immense wealth, power, and intimidation including threats to do so.

It actually does matter.


I think you have shunned your own capacity to make distinctions.

It reminds me of the apologetics of right wing Fundamentalist Christians who say things like…

“He’s not president perfect, he’s got his flaws like we all do,” Graham said. “But he’s certainly trying to fix this nation so it will be better for my grandchildren and his grandchildren. So I say God bless the man and let’s move forward.”

Trump is a thug, like Daniel’s attorney rightly states.

He is a billionaire with a long history of acting like mafioso in style and practice, and he relishes this power to be a fucking jerk.

He is a unique danger, and this is something too many on the “left” still can’t seem to comprehend.

Here we have a citizen who came too close to his ugly power, and is standing up to that in a very courageous manner. That counts for something.


Looks like you missed the point. Nobody cares about Trump’s affairs…in fact its nauseating to think of them. But what we (including you), SHOULD care about is the pay off, the alleged criminal intimidation, the attempted cover up, possible campaign finance law violations, etc. For you to say you don’t care about these things is flat out hypocrisy. You would be popping a couple of blood vessels if Obama had done the same thing. And many (like you), DID pop a blood vessel when Clinton just lied about his affair (which was not with a prostitute). He didn’t intimidate, he didn’t try and buy silence, etc.


Personally, I think ALL the women who ever got near him should be allowed to talk all they want about it. The reasons they did it, the regrets they may or may not have, etc. Give them an unprecedented chance to do a group therapy vent. For most of them, it had to be horrible. Everybody, just think about it whether you are a woman or a man-what WOULD it be like? Fatass, rodent rug toupee, grating ugly voice, on an on. Sex with it would have to be hell. No one could be paid enough to even touch this blob from Satan’s toilet.

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Except that I didn’t care about Clinton’s sordid affair, and I wouldn’t have cared if Obama had had a sordid affair. I already understood that both of these faux “Democrats” were Republican-lite tools of the oligarchy, and were involved in much greater crimes than adultery.

However, Clinton did lie under oath, which is a felony. Once we know that Trump has committed a felony, more people might care about this. Still, lying under oath seems to have stopped being a problem some time ago.

For example, James Clapper, who lied under oath more than 10 years ago, still has faced no legal consequences at all. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/01/19/james-clappers-perjury-dc-made-men-dont-get-charged-lying-congress-jonathan-turley-column/1045991001/

BTW, allegations aren’t proof, no matter how many people keep trying to convince us that they are.


While this is true, I think it’s quite clear, based on the preponderance of evidence, including his own history, words, and the sheer number of women making allegations, that we should believe the women. Indeed, it would take a special kind of willful ignorance to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. In other words, apply a “reasonable person” standard, and you know who’s telling the truth.

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Willful ignorance is in an abundant supply these days, particularly for those who believe what they see and hear on FOX NEWS, and CNN, and MSNBC.


Where is the doubt? Trumps face screams I’m a sleazy scumbag who owes the banks a fortune, okay. Just trying to conduct some business here okay. These bimbos are hot for what I got, okay. Can’t someone invent a hair stay in place method to keep my rug fluff organized?

So why even have trials? Let’s just go with “preponderance of the evidence,” even though that “evidence” has not been examined in a fair trial, right?

Wrong. What’s missing here is “due process,” something that Americans used to value, before we got used to basing our judgment on 24/7 propaganda from the corporate media.


As her attorney has said, and she has made this point as well.

It is not about the affair, it is about misuse of power, slander, intimidation possibly of the criminal variety, and ultimately conspiring to silence a witness to win an election.

But hey, it’s Trump, so no biggee.