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Amid Trump Push to Arm More Teachers, Students Injured After 'Trained' Educator's Gun Goes Off in Classroom


Amid Trump Push to Arm More Teachers, Students Injured After 'Trained' Educator's Gun Goes Off in Classroom

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Bolstering recent warnings about the dangers of giving guns to teachers—a proposal touted by the gun lobby as well as President Donald Trump and other Republicans following the


This incident perfectly illustrates one reason why arming teachers is a bad idea, but there are others. What happens, for example, when a kid who wants a gun but has none decides to jump Mrs. Grundy and take hers?


The kids themselves have all the best ideas/solutions to this problem and they are doing their best to be heard. It appears that too many in positions to change things must have lost too much of their hearing due to gunshot noise to hear them.


Republicans answer to the gun problem: “KILL-KILL-KiLL”!


Cop or no cop, if you can’t teach a class on public safety without shooting 3 people, you’re an idiot. Protect everyone and take this dumbass’s badge and gun away.


OK you (*&&%^*%^%^#&^#$%#" NRA gun “enthusiasts”, come and defend this insanity, with your own insane ideas about how more and more guns are giving us peace, harmony and security, and with more guns there will be less mass shootings and less innocent children (and adults) killed.

That’s just as logical as saying that the more swimming sperm cells reaching the egg, the more it decreases the chance of fertilization.


I hope this never happens of course, but if this insanity proceeds of arming teachers the likelihood is high.

The likelihood that eventually one of these armed teachers is going to misinterpret some motion with some object, as being an aggressive gesture made with a gun, and some kid’s parents will be attending a funeral where the teacher shot their kid dead by mistake.

The insanity is coming at such a rapid pace it is hard to fathom, let alone deal with it.


I just hope the PA election is a harbinger of some sanity.


Worse yet even if that happened there still wouldn’t be any new gun regulation. You will hear everything get blamed but the fact that teachers shouldn’t have guns in school.

This insanity is hard to fathom but not surprising. The U.S. Empire is entering its final days I fear and like all fallen empires the decay into complete anarchy will steady yet escalating.


I was watching one of those hunting gun television shows and the moderator was showing how to conceal a Glock down the front of his pants. Instant sex change. I can’t stand the suspense waiting for some 23-year-old first-year teacher getting shot by SWAT in a mistaken identity. Just shows how far up the chain of logic you can go when you have the kind of money the NRA can spend. It is possible you can buy defective logic. FOX has proven that with its ratings



A teacher, in a classroom, shoots a gun.

Fragments of the fired bullet ricocheted off the ceiling and lodged in a student’s neck.

The grownups at the school did nothing to help the child, leaving (abandoning) him to get himself home, for his parents to find their child home from school with a bullet fragment lodged in his neck and blood on his shirt.

Has the principal been fired?


Impeach Donald J. Trump, NOW!