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Amid Trump's Latest Misogyny, White House Halts Work of Women's Council


Amid Trump's Latest Misogyny, White House Halts Work of Women's Council

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Trump administration is taking steps towards eliminating the White House Council on Women and Girls, according to a Politico report.

The Council has ceased operations while President Trump decides whether its work is necessary, and may shut down entirely.


Can’t get anymore authoritarian than that.


So what difference does it make if Trump disbands the W.H. Women’s Council? Obama started it in 2009, and it seems to have been rather thin on accomplishments, though it has 10 employees. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_House_Council_on_Women_and_Girls

I don’t even care that Trump has been mean-tweeting Mika.

Instead of being distracted by stuff like this, maybe it’s time to remember our ongoing forever wars, and cancel, or at least boycott, the upcoming fireworks celebrations. It is grotesque and disgusting to enjoy vicarious “bombs bursting in air” when real families are being destroyed every single day by our real bombs and our real missiles. With complete bilateral support. https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/06/30/rockets-red-glare-and-bombs-bursting-in-air/


Just another day in the putrid swamp of the current WH…chop away, mighty mango rodent until YOUR head is on the chopping block…make it much sooner than later, PULLEEZE.


‪According to the latest Gallup poll, Trump has a 32% approval rating from women. Why? #NotNormal‬


Based on what Trump has been doing lately with regard to women I would have to surmise he is planning to run on a strong alt-right platform in 2020. The only way this makes sense politically is that he is catering to the alt-right. I guess he figures if he can win (Trump is all about winning) running as a white supremacist dominant male with no experience in government he should do even better running with a few years of being president under his belt. Many politicians have won running against Washington but he may be the first to have won running against American ideals and values. He is offering a white nationalist male dominant authoritarian society as an alternative to democracy, justice, and equality and he has quite a few takers.


At the present rate of offal-slinging the demented despot is doing, he will not make it to 2020…if there is any sanity or justice left in our nation. The jackals are circling in the WH and soon he may only be left with the worst of the worst to placate him and cater to his insanity.


If you followed the Republican primary then you know the Republicans don’t exactly have a lot of strong candidates. Sixteen of them lost to Trump who nobody took seriously. I would have to guess that the Republicans see Trump as their best chance to win in 2020. He at least has a strong base which is more than you can say for any other Republican who might challenge him.


“Less than a third”? Well where were the two thirds on election day? In a democracy you get the government you deserve!


Well good thing the U.S. is no longer considered a democracy thus we deserve better.


Neither Kellyanne Conway nor Sarah Huckabee Sanders are desperate to feed their hungry children, nor are they enslaved by heroin. So why are they prostituting themselves to Trump?


What’s that old joke? “We’ve already established what you are, madam. Now we’re just haggling over the price.”

But look at all the obsequious men who are likewise prostituting themselves to this guttersnipe.


A nice fat paycheck perhaps? How does any normal person still stand up for the wig in the WH? Beyond me. The msm wants to focus on all the nastiness going back and forth between msnbc and the wh, but do any of the stations even mention the article by Seymour Hersh and the lies about Assad using chemical weapons? No. I am so pleased that we at least have good progressive blogs to read about what is really happening in the world today.


Have you considered an overall analysis of Trump’s long record of misogyny in regard to this news and his misogynist tweets? Have you considered the fact this man has a lot of power in which to affect culture in line with his own personal misogyny?

You don’t even care that Trump as president dog whistles his misogynist redneck base to feel good about how they treat “their women”?

Trump is stoking hate for power. He has done this for months and months now, and a particular faction of “the left” has dismissed this time and again.

Have you not noticed the frightening “coming out” of racists, misogynists, xenophobes, etc?

You see no significance to having a President who leverages that demographic for power? You see no significance to Trump’s influence on the emergence to prominence of THAT culture?

I can chew gum and walk at the same time, in regard to sitting out another fireworks display.


Odd that you would assert that the current system in the US is anything close to a democracy.

But, hey. You do what you have to do to support Trump from the alt-leftists’ standpoint.


Well, many of these members of the “left” have an affinity for peace-loving autocrats like Russia’s president.


True. Although as you know, I have NOT joined in the chorus of demonizing Russia in line with neocon designs of containment e.g., US backed coup in Ukraine, I have stated that Trump’s affinity with Putin is most likely defined by shady business relationships in Russia and Putin’s chess playing prowess overshadowing Trump’s lack thereof.

I recall when Putin jailed Pussy Riot, and many on the left defended him. It was clucking bizarre.


I think you hit the nail on the head in terms of Trump. He said outright pre-election he liked like Putin for his “strong control over a country.” I’ve always thought it’s more likely Trump’s entangled with Russia because of financial dealings and his affinity for autocrats more than anything. Moreover, news folks who have followed the issue deeply, like Josh Marshal, have pretty said the same. That being said, it’s growing clearer that people around Trump, like General Flynn, had much deeper ties and interests than perhaps the candidate he served.


I think you give Trump too much credit. A simpler explanation is that he’s seeking to undo anything Obama did.


Trump has also praised Erdogan and Duterte. There’s a pattern here.