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Amid Trump's Politicization of FDA, California Joins New York in Vowing to Independently Review Coronavirus Vaccines

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/20/amid-trumps-politicization-fda-california-joins-new-york-vowing-independently-review

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If the orange dumpkin wins, no way in hell am I taking any stinkin’ vaccine until about half the population has tried it and there are no massive side effects or deaths. Why would one believe any vaccine that comes out on hair twitler’s watch would be safe and effective given his disdain for science.


Disdain for science seems to be widespread in the us. Maybe that’s good for testing purposes. Half the country will line up, and be the guinea pigs.

You do know that man didn’t “evolve” right ? At least the thumpers. I believe that. The thumpers believe they de-evolved and I agree.

If trumpo pulls off electoral win, he will continue attacking any and every ‘science’
study, experience, recommendations.

We must become very concerned about residual life long effects.
polio (virus) victims carried and in their later years, relapsed.
Particularly in breathing and physical movement.

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Not only that:


And where does that data come from? It comes from the manufacturers themselves!

It used to be possible to find “hot lots,” lots of vaccines that were causing large numbers of serious side effects, by looking at reports coming from the same geographical region and tracing back to the relevant lot. Then the manufacturers hit on the expedient of mixing the lots together to smear out any signal.

Capitalism is psychopathic, and Pharma leads the pack. To trust any of these vaccines is insanity. Look up what the Corvelva lab in Italy has been finding in their assays of various common vaccines. They’ve done quite a number of reports. Here is one:

So these are all nice words from Newsom, but his cooperation with the complete sellout to Pharma through bills that force these multiple drugs on us, eliminating any informed consent, belie his words.