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Amid Uptick in Bombings and Civilian Deaths, US Sells More Arms to Saudis


Amid Uptick in Bombings and Civilian Deaths, US Sells More Arms to Saudis

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Saudi-led, U.S.-backed military coalition has resumed bombing in Yemen as an uneasy, five-month-long ceasefire gives way to an escalation in fighting that puts besieged civilians at even greater risk.

According to news outlets, there were "immediate reports of civilian deaths" after coalition airstrikes in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a on Tuesday.


Is is illegal for me to fervently wish that some of those drones turn around and land on the White House, on Obama's daughters' bedrooms so that Barrack Obama can feel the same pain he causes daily with his assassination programs?


Time for Humanity to Grow Up and Be Progressive:....
Jill Stein--proposed a weapon's embargo to the Middle East. Since the US is the main weapons provider globally, we could unilaterally shut down a large % of this trade & weaponry....

Let's Embargo military sales to the Middle East.
Hillary- what say you? Trump: And you?

Vote Green with your Heart and your Hands---Jill Stein 2016

Oh and a Post Card from Yemen:


Thoughts are not illegal .... Yet!
Countering evil with evil never works. Obama's daughters are innocents just as all the civilians who die everyday in these tragic wars. If drones did ever find them it would create even more determination to react. Violence only ever breeds violence.
The only antidote is Loving action. Writing to politicians and journalists to represent us, educating and talking with family and friends, joining protest movements, every bit helps. We all have to do our part to create the world we want to live in, everyone is needed!
There is a lot of good happening in the world despite outer appearances. What we need are positive news channels that focus on all the good so we can be inspired to emulate and action the successes that are possible when humanity stands shoulder to shoulder and says ENOUGH AND NO MORE!


Yes you are right, Obama's daughters are innocents. So were the 27 children he murdered yesterday or day before yesterday (I can't keep track). So were the hundreds if not thousands of children in wedding parties, funerals, or just playing outside some house, that Barrack Obama has murdered since he took office. But those children don't count as "people." If anything, they're page 12 news in the New York Times. At the end of World War II, in the Nuremberg trials, the allies did not turn the other cheek and "love" Hitler's and the Emperor's lieutenants. They met violence with violence: they hung the war criminals. By the standards America applied to German and Japanese war criminals, every president since Truman would hang. Indeed, every slave-owning president and Indian-exterminating president from Washington to Buchanan, then, after Lincoln, from Johnson through Theodore Roosevelt ("Teddy" for his criminal massacres of Cubans, Filiipinos, and others) would also hang for their war crimes and their crimes against humanity. But America's criminal government does not prosecute our war criminals. It elevates them to the status of "statesmen" -- Henry Kissinger, for example. During the criminal American war against Vietnam, the U.S. army collapsed in no small part because U.S. soldiers rebelled against their officers by "fragging" them -- throwing hand grenades under their tents, or just shooting them. Was that wrong? You tell me. When young "terrorists" attack Americans who invade their land, install vicious, murdering, gangster puppet governments, loot their country's wealth, is that wrong? You tell me. What would you do if you lived in Iraq or Afghanistan or Somalian or Libya or any of the other countries Americans are casually bombing every day. If American bombers killed your children, tell me, would you just turn the other cheek?


SA who in turn will give them to ISIS.


The United States is just doing what it does best.


America is truly an exceptional country.


American exceptionalism comes down to prosperity built on horror: the near total extermination of the native inhabitants and theft of their continent, the enslavement of millions of Africans, the relentless plunder of the Third World enforced by our freedom fighters, our "good guys." Freedom isn't free -- to those we steal it from.


I had expected that the article would have mentioned the mass beheading executions carried out by the Saudi government.


You ask would I turn the other cheek if terrorist's attacked my children, I think like many parents I would defend them to the death against an attacker I could confront even if I killed them in the process. I think every person and every country has the right to defend themselves. However I wonder when I look at the world today what it would have looked like if instead of killing war criminals we had held them accountable by sentencing them to a life of service for the betterment of humanity thus raising ourselves above the need to meet violence with violence. Yes Bush, Obama and Clinton and their ilk are no doubt war criminals but we are all complicit in their shameful acts by our inertia and inaction. We are not powerless and there are many more of us than there are of them so how come we allow these acts to take place. Why is there not a huge peace movement? Why are we not protesting the military budget and lobbying the arms makers? How do we allow people to starve to death daily when there is so much food wasted? All I know is that violence begets violence and there is a better way modelled for us by people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and many others who didn't resort to killing and vengeance to change the culture and governments of their time.