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Amid US Sanctions, Venezuelan Oil Tanker at Risk of Spilling 1.3 Million Barrels and Devastating Caribbean Ecosystems

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/19/amid-us-sanctions-venezuelan-oil-tanker-risk-spilling-13-million-barrels-and


No one taking responsibility.


An FSO is not a “tanker.”

It is an oil storage barge, located at an oil loading point, used by the oil producer to get oil onto tankers.

There is clear responsibility for an FSO. It is on the oil company pumping and selling that oil.

Now WHY an oil company would put its own production and shipping at that risk is another question. How does it come to be at such risk? That is deliberate US policy to cripple that oil company.


A strong sovereign nation such as Norway should send a tanker to offload the oil and tell Uncle Sam where to stick its sanctions. The earth is more important than politics. C’mon world, call US out for the bullying we have put you through.


The U.S. embassy in Trinidad and Tobago said in a statement that
“the United States’ Venezuela sanctions program is not designed to target
activities addressing safety, environmental, or humanitarian concerns,”

suggesting local authorities are free to unload the oil.

Weasel words to avoid U.S. responsibility – but perhaps enough to take advantage of.


Well the Earth wasn’t protected at Fukishima; where was the international support there? They have been dumping 3000 tons of cesium contaminated radioactive water into the pacific everyday since 2011. Now they are getting ready to dump higher level radioactive water from storage tanks into the water to the tune of millions of gallons. Meanwhile Venezuela is getting ready to destroy that coastline and the surrounding ocean, and no climate legislation in sight either. 80% of the great barrier reef, over a thousand miles long, is now dead.


Competing with the Gulf of Mexico for worst shoreline?

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Of course they’ll let it spill. Who cares about ocean life, the Caribbean, or human life?





What is happening about all these atrocities???


Have you any idea how disgusting and perverse it is to have to beg the US for permission to unload your own fuel cargo at a sovereign dock requesting it? Well do you? Excuse me while I puke. The US has to go to Hell as soon as possible! Need a push?


Pacific Rim becomes a reality. Bring on the mutants.

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The Iranians are correct. The USA is the Great Satan. We get what we deserve. Let’s just hopefully flush the Turd-in-Chief from the Oval Toilet Bowl!


No disrespect to the Oval Office, by the way. But this orange piece of shit in Washington has temporarily turned a once esteemed office into a sewer. Flush him!

  1. it’s a good idea when using numbers to cite a reference.

  2. is the tonnage of water something that is relevant if is going into the ocean? Better to give the actual amount of cesium 135 or 137 in g or kg per day or use the appropriate units of radioactivity - here I think it would be sievert (sV) but I’m no expert.

Anything made with hydrocarbons in oil can just as easily be made from carbohydrates in vegetable crops.

The oil industry knew that way back.
That was a trash film no vision …

look it up

I would love to think that Biden will stop our moronic and evil haranguing of Venezuela, which has resulted in thousands of deaths and untold suffering of those people. His support of imperialist wars and shenanigans causes me to doubt that he can find the morality, that he professes to be intent on resurrecting in the US, to do something humanitarian and fair.

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There were some who had this perspective and philosophy. They were called savages, slaughtered, and segregated from societies the world over. The few who remain are being harassed and besieged while their habitat is destroyed in the name of progress and profit.

This contempt for people and planet and delay in protecting people is reminiscent of the Israeli war against Lebanon when Israeli forces targeted the Beirut power station fuel tanks and the berms protecting them that caused an oil-spill of 10 - 15,000 tons of fuel into the Med. Israeli forces refused to allow any attempt to stop the pollution or clean-up their intentional attack that spread over and polluted 75 miles of Med coastline.

If the trump regime refuses to allow the transfer of oil and the needed environmental responses to the crises he will be responsible for the pollution of the Caribbean Sea and all the islands needed tourist dollars! A low-life lying scum depraved and without moral compass to his rotten core!

Not unlike trump targeting “Democratic” states in ugly spirit but far worse consequences is trumps attacks and sanctions/blockade on Venezuelas people - both Israeli right-wing extremist racism and expansionism and trump’s ego-mad malignant narcissism are a rotten stench we must flush!



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Are you referring to Venezuela? You’re aware, I presume of the problems Venezuela
might face if it tried direct action. (The suggested Norwegian solution sounds good.)

You’re aware, I presume, that the U.S. has collapsed Venezuela’s economy
so that it is scrambling to keep people fed and mobile, all the while guarding
against invasions, assassinations and other subversions.