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Amid Violence in Portland, Biden and Progressive Critics Emphasize That Continued Chaos Is Result of 'Trump's America'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/30/amid-violence-portland-biden-and-progressive-critics-emphasize-continued-chaos


The picture shows a man on the ground, held down by more than one officer and being sprayed six inches from his face with what I can only guess is a toxic substance. This is why we call them pigs. This is why they get no respect. This is why they are reviled.


It was growing towards this stage for decades. The Trump Presidency is the culmination of all that went on before.

Wealth inequality and the desire of those WITH to protect their stuff from those without and to maintain their privileges due to that extra wealth has been growing a long long time. Look back in US History and you will see examples of this occur again and again. (More people were killed as the result of race riots and union strikes then through this latest manifestation)

Again when I drove through the US years ago and first listened to that blowhard Rush Limbaugh and all of those people calling in talking about killing “libtards” it was not all that hard to see this day coming again. Trump acts as a catalyst this making that chaos worse but do remember the occupy movements, Bundy and his crew taking over those lands in the West ,the riots after the Rodney king beatings and the shooting of Michael Brown.


I’ve learned that there is a “Christian” group that started a $200,000 campaign drive (already exceeded) to support Rittenhouse’s defense and an extreme campus Republican group at ASU (not the College Republicans) who are pledging half of this year’s donations for said same. That is just what I–little old me–learned this morning. Imagine what more whackadoodle power is being amassed in his name. He is a new poster boy for Trumplandia! Let’s let’s NOT have the sequel.


He is being sprayed with an instrument of torture, a substance and act that is banned by the Geneva Convention, and our own Constitution. Tactics that are considered war crimes by international law are used on citizens exercising their Constitutional rights.


I am quite certain Trump wants to see these incidents escalate. With a mini civil war ongoing the powers he can use to exert his “Presidential Authority” are magnified several times over , and given the true nature of those Right Wing frauds whom have always claimed they zealous defenders of the Constitution , he has a wide base of support for his actions within the populace.

(Again I read an article from a white wing site that stated in essence that the second amendment was there to ensure people (leftists and blacks) did not exercise their first amendment rights)

As to those cops, they relish these opportunities to crack a few skulls.


The effect envisioned from police and fascist terror is that all of us on the left are supposed to go “Oh no! This is verging on Civil War!” and subsequently huddle quietly, shivering and alone, in our basements because, you know, the fascists have a lot of guns.

But the guns don’t actually have a significant number of fascists! There are a hell of lot more people willing to risk living in a free society than those desperate to keep most people down, in order to keep “white” people on top. Let it come, I say. There are more of us than there are of them (actually, there always have been more of us). On their side, they’re all cowards. Bring it on, let’s go already.


Today between 4 - 6PM is the People’s Convention that can be accessed here ~ ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbONOBrX6UU

Here is the groups info site ~https://peoplesparty.org/

Notable speakers include Cornell West, Nina Turner, Jimmy Dore and others - sure to be a seminal event - here are two relevant quotes:

"if Biden is elected, the progressive movement will not give him an easy ride. “We are a fire and the fire is burning and making it very clear that business as usual is not going to be accepted. We’ve got two dragons to slay as I see them for leftists, and that is to slay the dragon of neo-fascism and then slay the dragon of neo-liberalism."
- Nina Turner

"Cornell West voted for Stein in 2016, which he does not regret, but will vote for Biden this time “because I consider myself part of an antifascist coalition to push the gangster out of the White House. But a vote for Biden is in no way an endorsement of the neoliberal disaster that his policies will produce. It’s just a way of preserving the condition for the possibility of any kind of democratic practice in the United States” - Dr Cornell West


The Governors of Oregon and Wisconsin should call out the national guard and either arrest or fire these entire PD’s. The NG can stay until the governors have a chance to hire people with the proper psychological makeup for this service.


Trump is playing with fire, he is using the poor hateful whites against blacks and Latinos to get elected. The working class whites don’t realize that they are just toilet paper to trump and being exploited for a selfish reason. Once the election is over and if trump wins these same fools will be paying the price in loss of liberty and economic prosperity.


The victim probably had his protective gear over his face when the gang of thugs tackled him, threw him down and pinned him. Then one of the two thugs pinning him down pulled off his protective gear. Then a third thug sprayed him point blank in the face with a caustic substance. A free and just society would hold these violent criminals responsible and put them in prison where they can’t hurt anyone ever again. But these thugs are entitled to hurt people and create chaos. This is part of the depravity which the ruling classes have wrought through their nihilism and greed.


All this arm-waving and shouting about violence is a great distraction to keep us from remembering what these protests are about.
All politicians are against violence, and for apple pie. Yada, yada, yada.

Quit asking politicians stupid questions like “do they condemn violence?”. Ask them what they are going to do about our mass murdering police force.


This is just one more example of a truism we see every day in Trump/GOP America: Fascists do not compromise; they destroy.


The shooting death of the Trump supporter ( Patriot Prayer ) in downtown PDX may not have a thing to do with the ongoing demonstrations. But, it sure makes for some easy and sloppy conflation. Just what a crisis needs, right?
Only the owners of the MSM, and their mouthpieces, seem to want to link these incidents. OH, AND THE TRUMP ADM.! To intimidate and bully the Biden/Harris campaign onto the Police State side? Where, of course, the MSM’s owners clearly feel comfortable hanging out, politically? " Comforting the already comfortable "-- here we go, again.
However, it’s easy, painfully obvious and crystal clear; unfortunately, to again see the direct link between the Trump Adm. ( Republican Party ) and the racists and white nationalist groups. And, all the troubles and death they have wrought in the last 3 years. Much of it illegally sanctioned by the police and security state, too.
The # of deaths directly linked to Antifa street action is still a large ZERO. As in NONE! The MSM and Police State apparently want to change that fact. ( The clampdown is easier that way. )
It is often called " both siderism ". Maybe it should instead be called wealthy white racist propaganda.


What Cornell West said


Trump’s America was created through decades of sustained effort by the plutocrats who rule our country; the politicians (all of them) who serve those plutocrats; and the media figures who sell their agenda to the public.

Bush’s America, Obama’s America, and Clinton’s America were exactly the same America as “Trump’s America.” Except they possessed a facade of “normalcy” which allowed Americans to pretend things were under control and permitted them to get on “with their business” with a minimum of unrest.

Biden’s America will be exactly the same as Trump’s America with the facade put firmly back in place. That is all that a “return” to pre-Trump America means.

I prefer no facade. I prefer reality apparent to all. I prefer the unrest of Trump’s America to the pretense of what preceded and led to it.


I prefer dialogue and even screaming matches sans guns brought in by hate groups on any side. Speaking of which, the only groups brandishing guns and actually using them to shoot people in crowds are hating and hateful white men. Has anyone noticed that black folks, if they do take revenge, it’s not by shooting the enemy, it’s by destroying property owned by the system that oppressed them. That is something that makes sense to me.


This violence has always been here since the day the USA was founded. Slavery. Native American Genocide. And then the USA took that violence around the world with all kinds of wars on behalf the same corporations that are the real owners of the USA. Read what Smedley Butler had to say about that many years ago. But Trump is the one who is behind it all now and he started it all to read such BS articles as this. Sorry to say as bad and insane as Trump is, he is nothing but the inevitable outcome of a nation that will never come to grips with its ongoing history of violence.


Same goes for the neo-liberals. Two sides of the same oligarch coin.


I wouldn’t be surprised to find out one “Patriot Prayer” (or Pee Pee, as I refer to them) shot another by accident, or maybe shot themselves with their own weapon.