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Amid Warning Signs of Another Downturn, Poll Shows 57% of Voters Will Blame Trump If US Economy Goes Into Recession: Poll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/04/amid-warning-signs-another-downturn-poll-shows-57-voters-will-blame-trump-if-us

No, that’s NOT rain from Hurricane Dorian–we’re being trickled down on again.


Oh! Silly me! I thought we HAVE BEEN in a recession for decades awaiting the CRASH!


Bush 2 redux! And this time, Trump doesn’t have Daddy to bail him out. Just the Russian mob and Deutsche Bank, though that well may be dry.

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D-party strategy going into 2020: Hope for a recession.

Hey, can anyone tell me if the banks are even too bigger to fail after the Dems “reformed” them?


Why are you still pointing fingers at the Russian straw man?

Time to wag the dog.

What kind of false flag operation will they concoct to start a bigger war?


Poll Shows 57% of Voters Will Blame Trump If US Economy Goes Into Recession.

I guess some people are beginning to see the light!

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Watch when the country goes into recession, how close to 100% feel Trump is responsible.

The economy for nearly everyone in the USA has been in recession since 2007/8.

This is what elected Trump.

Sure, Trump is now to blame for not fixing things, but given his policies what did anyone one expect.


do you have evidence of Trump doing business with the Russia mafia?

Don’t think so wings - just people being people - scared - scapegoating.

A Harvard/Harris poll released Tuesday showed that most American voters will blame President Donald Trump if the U.S. economy goes into a recession"

So what !

Who saw the crash of 2007/2008 coming ? - like three people, one with Asperger’s Syndrome, Michael Burry, neurologist turned Scion investor head.

Check out the movie “The Big Short”, free on 123 - then read the book of the same name - an education on human nature that ! (movie won an Academy Award for best film adaptation)

The Big Short

Let’s hope for a recession (Wall St. crap), not only get rid of Trump but good for the climate as well… too bad Americans are soooo ignorant that this is their main concern.

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War, what do we do it for ? …because it’s good for the economy (ie the wealthy corporate bastards).

It’s a reasonable inference that he was laundering money for them through his casino before it went bankrupt. Don’t confuse that, a real-world possibility which is yet to be fully investigated, with the “Russian hackers stole Hillarys election” nonsense.


A real economy is when people are buying food. In this economy a huge number of people are sometimes going hungry.

Pulitzer Prize wining, investigative reporter David Cay Johnston does.


I saw that film. Brilliant.

Cuts from the film where two actors [I remember just two] explained what happened that found their way to youtube…were later deleted. I wish the film makers themselves would put’em back up; it might cause folks to re-stream the thing.

On this show (at this link) Jack Rasmus said a recession could come between now and 18 months hence (he said it mid-Aug). Just imagine if it comes after DT’s re-elected. Some will say Sputnik is trying to sow the seeds of doubt, uncertainty, and disillusionment, but I’ve been listening to Rasmus podcasts for years…PhD at St Mary’s College, CA (search “alternative visions”). We need to pump up Sanders.