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Amid Warnings About VA Privatization, Trump Declares Shulkin Ouster in Dinnertime Tweet


Amid Warnings About VA Privatization, Trump Declares Shulkin Ouster in Dinnertime Tweet

Jon Queally, staff writer

Amid concerns that his administration wants to move more aggressively to privatize the healthcare system that provides for the nation's active and retired military personnel, President Donald Trump took to Twitter later Wednesday afternoon and announced—following weeks of speculation that he was itching to do so—the ouster of Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin.

In Shulkin's place, Trump also announced he was nominating Admiral Ronny L. Jackson, MD—who has been serving as the president's personal physician—to replace him.


christ, like we don’t have enough problems with the frigging opiate war right now. the va’s in serious trouble if they get someone in at the top that wants to dismantle it even further. the way to do that is to erode the service from within, and that’s going to spell doom for even more of us.

it’s been a long time since the VAs had a quality champion in power.


Privatization of the VA might just push those military and ex-military right outta Trumps base.


“Aye, 'tis an ill wind that blows nobody good.”  OTOH, if Ronny is the doofus who declared Tweetle-Dumb ‘fit as a fiddle’ a year or so ago, the VA could be in DEEP Kim-Chee . . .


C’mon veterans, find your Emma Gonzales and get going. While the Bonus March in 1932 did not turn out in your favor, it may just be that the time is right to take it to Trump and the pigs of privatization. The country would most definitely support you in this cause. We value you even though we abhor the tasks you are asked to shoulder.


In the spirit of the 1932 bonus army, vets need to set up camp on the DC Mall NOW!


That was my first thought – if doc doofus thinks the orangubrat is in good health then he is seriously going to phuq up the VA system!


Privitization is simply a euphonism for a set pf strategies to erode citizens’ powers and transfer ownership and control of public “property” into the hands the super-wealthy power-elite. It is another way of transferring wealth, just as military-industrial complex and dubious tax-reform initiatives. Also, it further dilutes the political power of the masses; the PTB accomplish a similar power grab when they slowly but sure crushed most unions.

It matters not whether one speaks of traditional public schools, health-care services, prisons or other entities and programs which have been traditionally exclusively within the domain of the federal and state governments, in the long run, the citizenry are being slowly, but surely, being robbed. For, the very wealthy are stealing almost everything that is not “nailed down.” And, if a certain federal or state program is functioning relatively well, they sabotage such operations; that way, when the citizens scream for a solution, the ruling class has various off-the-shelf initiatives to privitize.

Perhaps half of all job positions within the federal government have been privitized. Even many types of services that the military used to provide to its own have been privitized, e.g., building, setting up housing, providing food services; and security; and also, there are a wide variety of technicians, consultants, private armies (with their own high-tech military weapons and the like. And, don’t get me started with the impending sale of certain choice federally-owned land.

Public ownership and control is the essence of a commonwealth and “people power.” Soon, the United States will be effectively owned and control by a select group of “golden” families and their henchmen. Imagine your grandchildren having a choice of going to a high school owned by Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Walmart, Koch Bros. Corporation or Amazon. Sooner or later, the best of public institutions, services and properties will be owned by perhaps twenty mega-corporations. (Nice!)

So, if you think that the U.S. economic systems is in dire straits and you complain about the disproportionate amount of wealth and political power which the top .05% currently possess, just wait another ten years; cause you ain’t seen nothing yet!


Yeah, seems like a nice time to on the one hand hand hammer the fuck out of the right wing, and on the other defend a popular socialist healthcare system. Might be a wider point to make with this debate? I know people here are on board, and so are most rank and file Democrats, but those in power are paid to be as shitty as they are.


Another exceptionally important issue to fight –

And one very important part of what the VA does is to make prescriptions/
drugs affordable.

They’ve already pretty much destroyed the VA over decades of budget cuts –
and absolute disregard for the soldiers who served the government/MIC.


Medicare for seniors, Medicaid – and the VA are all under attack –

While our political leaders continue to run perpetual wars for “democracy” that
look more like Empire Building/terrorism and “illegal wars of aggression” and
allowing the Madman in the White House to entertain us with visions of a Wall
to shut Mexicans out and US citizens in.

And the COST … last I heard it was $25 BILLION plus … maybe $30 BILLION?

But … the nation can’t afford National Health Care for ALL.


PS: We’re spending too much time laughing at the Madman, imo.


However it will put us closer to privatizing Social Security, Medicare and Medicade.


Only if those politicians stupid enough to vote for it are willing to brave the Gray/White Tsunami that will drown each and every one of them.


Okay, here goes . . .

I am a veteran, who happens to have a service-connected disability (meaning the cause was a result of my job in the service).

There is nothing wrong with the V.A. healthcare system. In fact, things continue improving, despite the system being overwhelmed by excessive demand, thanks to our expanding drive for ‘full spectrum dominance’ of the planet.

This, like all the other efforts by the Oligarchy, is about pure, unbridled greed. It is not about the V.A. or healthcare, and certainly not about veterans.

And, like all the other issues, no amount of resistance can stop this train wreck that pretends to be governance of our country.

Sure, all the veterans’ service organizations, i.e. VFW, American Legion, etc and so forth, can and will raise hell, but who ever listens to us?


Very well, and accurately, said.


I have no faith in the retaliation and politicians will absolutely sell us out to privatization.


I’m a 70 year old Vietnam veteran. I got pretty chewed up in the service so I’ve had VA health care since being retired for disability. I’ve lived in 6 different states, each with it’s own VA health care facility. I also work full time and have private health insurance. So, I have both a VA and a private primary care provider (PCP) and each one sees me twice a year. The VA has never diagnosed any condition I’ve had. It’s always been the private PCP. Part of it seemed to be motivated by not wanting my disability rating to increase, part of it was VA regulations, and part of it was the PCP was overloaded or just didn’t care. I think privatizing the VA would result in better care for veterans based on my own experience. If it saves money, even better.


the VA is the only agency exception to the prohibition on pharmaceutical price negotiation. And it’s no surprise that one group of interests–Pharma–would like to see the VA patients herded back into their desired price strata again.

The VA has so many enemies that too many vets don’t even know exist. Precisely because, when it works, it’s a shining example of the superiority of socialist healthcare. But with permanent war now a central feature of the American economy, there’s no way the VA will hold up over any long haul. It would suck up almost as many dollars as the War Dept itself.


drone –

Thank you –

First they make them ill in their wars and then they abandon them.

Weird when we recognize that Big Pharma is also recognized as part of
our National Security State – evidently on the chemical creation side, should
we need an antidote – or maybe a weapon?

That’s one of the reasons they let them off the hook for vaccines which would
have brought them down had citizens been able to sue them directly.

This further confirms the long standing testimony by nurses who have reported watching the immediate

death of infants after being injected with a vaccine.


trosoft –

Actually, PRIVITAZATION was pretty much what Our Founders did with the Constitution

in creating an Elite-Patriarchy – endowing them with land grants – etc, etc., etc.