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Amid Warnings Withdrawal Would 'Put US on a Path Towards War With Iran,' Trump Says Nuclear Deal Decision Coming Tuesday


Amid Warnings Withdrawal Would 'Put US on a Path Towards War With Iran,' Trump Says Nuclear Deal Decision Coming Tuesday

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump just announced that he'll deliver his decision Tuesday on whether to withdraw the United States from the Iran nuclear deal.

I will be announcing my decision on the Iran Deal tomorrow from the White House at 2:00pm.


I’m going to make an assumption, based on observation, without any real evidence to point to such that would hold up in a court of law…

That assumption is that the right wing dickhead war mongering fascist Trump will withdraw from the Iran agreement and pursue regime change with his buddies Bolton and Netan-yahoo.

Again, my assumption is based on likelihood relative to various observations.

Now, a particular someone is going to come along and stick it to me for not basing my assumption on court admissible evidence and such.


There is a good chance you are correct in your assumptions. The Saudis are now armed to the teeth after the US supplied them with weapons and are eager to wipe out their Shiite neighbor…


The Peace “Movement” had best come out of its coma.


The U.S. government is well aware of the warnings, and they are salivating over the prospect of war.


“We got a president who is tough, who does not listen to the people who are naysayers, and a president who is as committed to regime change as we are,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani – US President Donald Trump’s personal friend and a long-time supporter – said in a speech to the Iran Freedom Convention for Democracy and Human Rights in Washington.

Note the hyprocrisy here, the Media and Government members whining that Russia dared to intervene in US elections even as a member of the US Government calls for regime change in Iran.


Why doesn’t he announce his suicide instead. At least his popularity poll ratings would skyrocket!


I’m with you, chicken. Sometimes the way things are predicted are better done by observation and “The Gut” more-so than “real evidence”.


I wish it were possible to put the Saudi and Israeli leaderships in a sealed box then shake the SHIT out of it! Whatever comes out will be much better for the rest of the planet than what went in.


The peace “movement” has turned into a bowel movement. And those bowels seem to be constipated.


I assume you include the M.I.C. in that “U.S. Government” mention. I mean since they are joined at the hip AND the wallet.


I agree, except that regime change in Iran, has been on the fascist, deep state agenda long before Trump took office.


Welcome war with Russia - vis a vis Iran. That’s the whole reason a decision on the Iran nuclear deal is even on the table.


I’ve warned others, don’t say anti-Israel things like doing something to them. They are far more in control of our gov than most think and they are psycho crazy about dissenters. It could one day mean a round up for you. Just saying. I wonder what Hitler’s actual heritage was. It’d be nice to know and I have no idea.


Back in the 90’s I saw something on TV where they machine gunned congress and I actually thought that was a bad idea. Others in the office thought differently and I was to innocent to see why.


Why does Mr. Trump have to wait until a valuable Primary Day is half over before pulling off the big production number? (I’m thinking of “The Producers”.) Why can’t he endanger the seats of his Republican and Centrist Democrat friends a couple of days early?


Israel is protecting its #1 Big Dog Status in the MENA and courting $$$ from S.A./GCC. A win-win for them. A mafia-like protection racket.
The American Zionists have gone over to the dark side. They’re trying to pull the rest of the world over with them.
Is it time for the Democratic Party to end the charade and cut ties with AIPAC enablers/PNAC purveyors and the Senators who love the newest version of Shia Muslim genocide? A sick bunch of murdering crazies is not much to build a party with or hang a little hat on. I find it Un-American.
This is 3rd Party serious, too. Is the blood money worth it, Sen. Schumer & Sen. Cardin? Oh, that’s right; none of blood will be you and/or yours.


Blockadia is the way to go. In 1934 the government was under enormous pressure because of widespread nonviolent revolts against bank auctions, so the government at least started to clean up their awful mess.

NRA-approved popgun stunts aren’t going to get almost all of us what we want. It’s more likely that some FBI sting operation will keep nudging us like crazy to do such a thing, so maybe someone or other can be Stockholm Syndromed into finally trying it.


It is long, long overdue - but we will have to be far, far more disruptive than 16 years ago. Back then we really did have many more young people willing to be disruptive - even if the old hippie “peace police” attacked them… as if sitting around singing Kumbaya really changed Bush/Cheney/Rumsfelds minds…


Not sure why you are making this point to me.

I’ve argued against regime change anywhere, I’m against jerks colluding with other fucking jerks to lie to advantage themselves of power and money no matter where they are from.

The fascist dickhead Trump is a fucking war monger, and all of the arguments by the alt-left still bounce around in my clucking chicken brain who dismissed every unique danger that a Trump Presidency would pose.

Torture, more, worse and to make it legal. What torture, more worse, and to make it legal? Speech to AIPAC, what speech to AIPAC? Nuclear weapons build-up, what nuclear weapons buildup? Leveraging extreme White Nationalist hate for power, what leveraging extreme White Nationalist hate for power? Calling for increased engagement in the ME while easing restrictions on such engagement, what calling for increased engagement in the ME while easing restrictions on such engagement?

He hadn’t killed anyone yet. Remember that fucking idiotic argument?