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Amid Water Crisis, Saudi Coalition Bombs Yemen Water Bottling Plant


Amid Water Crisis, Saudi Coalition Bombs Yemen Water Bottling Plant

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In the midst of a war-fueled water crisis, the Saudi Arabia-led coalition reportedly bombed a water bottling plant in northern Yemen on Sunday, adding to mounting civilian casualties as the military onslaught enters its sixth month.

"The corpses of 36 workers, many of them burnt or in pieces, were pulled out after an air strike hit the plant this morning," resident Issa Ahmed told Reuters of Sunday's bombing in the province of Hajjah.


Ahhh Yes, the US Fourth Reich has taught our Nazi allies well.
* They use the weapons and ammo that the Reich has given or sold to them to destroy infrastructure, food, water, etc., not to mention people in Yemen, a small, poor, nation that has not knuckled down to the Reich's orders.
* Every day, more death, more destruction, in Yemen, Palestine, the Ukraine and elsewhere around the world, but the world makes no real effort to stop this madness. Of course it talks a lot, but that seems to be it.
* It makes my heart ache.


With pressure on Iran easing the Strait of Hormuz seems less reliable to the Saudis. They want Yemen due to Bab-el-Mandeb, a strait on the southern portion of the Red Sea in order to secure options for exporting their oil. It's almost always about oil.


The bombing of a water bottling plant is reminiscent of the US bombing of Iraqi water and sewage treatment facilities, hospitals, electric generation plants, and the poisoning of food crops.


Yet another atrocity by one of our chosen allies. The Saudis are committing war crimes in Yemen just as the Israelis did in Gaza (and Lebanon) bombing civilians and civilian infrastructure, add the Turks Erdogan and Egypt's Al-Sisi to the list of US warmonger/dictator "allies" that do US bidding to further endless war for the profit of a few and misery, tragedy and horror for millions.


Don't forget Israel's bombing of Beirut's power station that polluted the Med with 20-30,000 tons of heavy bunker fuel - intentionally hitting the retaining berms designed to contain a spill. Israel also targeted other critical civilian infrastructure in Lebanon as in Gaza where they did it all over again, hitting and destroying water, sewer, electric and other infrastructure.




Emphyrio, and the good, old, exceptional (and awesome) USofA is complicit in these actions by both Saudi Arabia in Yemem, and Israel in Palestine. We are supplying both countries with their weapons of mass destruction. As an Army veteran, this is appalling to me.