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Amid Wave of Anti-Choice Laws Across US, Warren Introduces Plan to Protect Abortion Rights

Amid Wave of Anti-Choice Laws Across US, Warren Introduces Plan to Protect Abortion Rights

Julia Conley, staff writer

Two days after Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law a ban on almost all abortions in the state, and with the Republican-controlled Missouri legislature poised to pass its own regressive law, Sen. Elizabeth Warren called on the U.S. Congress to step in and pass federal laws to prevent further erosion of their reproductive rights.


Well that’s great, but Warren has so many “Plans” going at the same time, even if One passed it would be an achievement.


Liz is a voice for the women when the powerful refuse to listen to their crys for gender equality.


If Biden wins the primary – all will be lost, Trump will get another 4 years, which is what he is well on the road to do anyway. The economy is going gangbusters, unemployment is low, and the “winners” have gotten their tax cutS.

If Sanders wins, chances are that Warren could be named to his cabinet (or perhaps running mate). With Biden, not a chance in hell.


Furthermore, Might the federal government withhold federal highway funds and such to make places like Alabama to comply. Also, might there be some federal law passed to protect Planned Parenthood, like in my town, to keep the harassment people off the front sidewalk. Like 100 yards away.


The Democrats spent eight years of Obama, two with control of the government trifecta when they could have passed legislation protecting Roe and overturning the Hyde Amendment, sitting around with their thumbs up their ass. They always seem to be retroactively swinging impotently at Republican actions after the fact instead of always aggressively fighting for the social good. Thanks for nothing Pelosi.


I don’t think they have the votes.
Even though the Democrats have the house, they don’t have the votes.
Remember the DCCC when Ben Ray Lujan was on charge? Yes, the DCCC declared that pro-life Democrats could run for political offices all over the land.
NM BLUE legislature has failed to pass a law protecting Reproductive Rights. Same thing will happen at the Federal level.

How about restore abortion rights?

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