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Amid Wave of Anti-Choice Laws, Texas GOP Holds Public Hearing on Putting Women to Death for Obtaining Abortions

Amid Wave of Anti-Choice Laws, Texas GOP Holds Public Hearing on Putting Women to Death for Obtaining Abortions

Julia Conley, staff writer

A Texas state House committee on Monday night devoted several hours to discussing potentially subjecting women to the death penalty if they obtain abortions.

Republican state Rep. Tony Tinderholt introduced the bill, saying it would make women more “personally responsible.”

What an idiot. Does he think that women weren’t having abortions before Roe vs Wade?
Stupid stupid stupid


There is already no one more “personally responsible” for her own pregnancy than the woman. The intentions of this MAN cannot be clearer with the language of this bill. It’s all about control and punishment. Sick, sick, sick people.


and Sick, sick, sick (thanks, LokaLoka)

The first two posts have pretty much covered the subject.


‘Sharia law’ has come to Texas.


The self-described “redneck comedian” and Texan Ron White once drawled, “Other states are tryin’ to get rid of capital punishment. My state’s puttin’ in an express lane.”

Funny, but not.

But while we’re on the topic of cruel and unusual punishment (among other things), search on “alabama prison system problems” for another jolt of criminal “justice.” Just pick an article; it was all over the MSM.


I would argue that these same patriarchal chauvinists not only support war but nothing for the mother and child after the child is born as in precious little support systems.


My fellow liberals, this is yet another argument to exercise your second amendment rights.


I looked up the problems in alabama. It is very disturbing. Sounds like the “bankok hilton”.

Okay, I think what the women need to do is enact legislation that says these men that are advocating for the death penalty and that are guilty of getting any woman pregnant should also be given the death penalty!

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Leave it to Texas, the shit hole of monopoly capitalism.


Sign seen at a demo in D.C. not so long ago:

“I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

(still waiting)


People should research the VOTING RECORDS of the (mostly, but not all) male politicians pushing to criminalize abortion. Many ALSO want to BAN CONTRACEPTIVES that PREVENT unplanned pregnancies. They LAOS vote AGAINST social safety net, including WIC (Basic FOOD for Pregnant Women, BABIES & Toddlers), food stamps, pubic housing, Medicaid (health care for the poor), Head Start & Child Care. Ask yourselves what their REAL goals are? It’s all about CONTROLING WOMEN. Period.


Thanks! I’ve been calling the Fundamentalist “Christians” who hate LGBT people & want to push women BACKWARDS 100 years (including TAKING AWAY WOMEN’S RIGHT TO VOTE) the “Christian” Taliban for awhile now. They scare me far more than the Muslim variety.


Funny-Dementalist “christianity” in action . . .

Don’t forget that Betsy DeVos, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions et al wan’t to make this kind of B.S. the Law of the Land in their “christian” Theocracy!


I renamed the GOP during the Dubya regime when they became the Murkin Taliban Party (MTP). Today that renaming appears to be an understatement.

Perhaps Texas will start burning women at the stake as part of making murka great again.

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Then I propose the same penalty be applicable to the impregnator.


NOT Sharia Law — just Funny-Demantalist Old-Testament “christianity” (which has NOTHING to do with the teachings or philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth).

There’s NO WAY any ‘Pooplicken is ever going to vote to adopt Sharia Law in Texas — or anywhere else in the Good Ol’ U.S.A. —

        Q.  Why do RePoopLickens ALL Politicians FEAR Sharia Law?
        A.  'Cause according to Hammurabi, LIARS get their TONGUES CUT OUT.


Here is Texas report on sexual violence in 2017
2017 Forcible rape statistics by state

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HI Mossonarock… OMG, " make women personally responsible…" LOL–so if men aren’t responsible all those pregnancies---- will the pregnancies be “immaculate inceptions?” I think many in your state will support that, Mr. Tinderholt----who apparently doesn’t have a," tender heart," in his chest. . : 0

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