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Amid Zika Scare, FDA Clears Way for GMO Mosquito Trial in Florida


Amid Zika Scare, FDA Clears Way for GMO Mosquito Trial in Florida

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a move that public health advocates are calling "irresponsible and frightening," the U.S. Food and Drug Association on Friday cleared the experimental release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Key Haven, Florida.


The luddite wing of the left needs to point out scientifically credible issues with this plan - not just scream GMO Bad-GM Bad-GMO Bad! If these “green” Floridians really want to do something for the environment - they need to move where they don’t run AC 24/7 10 months out of the year and drive a car dozens of miles every day.


Genetically modified Organisms (GMO) pigs in China, GMO Atlantic Salmon, GMO mosquitoes, next " Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep"?


What makes you think the existing mosquitos aren’t GMO. Perhaps the Zika virus is a biological warfare experiment gone awry. How is it that the Americas are suddenly awash in a virus that was practically unknown a year ago!


The use of the piggyBac transposon has been plagued by problems of instability in transformed Aedes aegypti [14]; and large unstable tandem inserts of the piggyBac transposon were prevalent [ 15]. In spite of instability and resulting genotoxicity, the piggyBac transposon has been used extensively also in human gene therapy [16]. Several human cell lines have been transformed, even primary human T cells using piggyBac [17]. These findings leave us little doubt that the transposon-borne transgenes in the transgenic mosquito can transfer horizontally to human cells. The piggyBac transposon was found to induce genome wide insertion mutations disrupting many gene functions.

To conclude:

Transgenic mosquitoes are not the solution to eradicating dengue or malaria. On the contrary, they are among the most hazardous GMOs created, and should never be released into the wild on any commercial basis.
Researchers should consider the risks involved before embarking on a project, and science journal editors and commentators should also question whether works for publications carry risks to health and the environment.



Do not let that boyish face fool us. Bill Gates, sitting on $75 Billion, reportedly bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto, and funded the approval of GMO mosquitoes, public school wreaking charter schools, etc. What other evil plans does Bill Gates have up his sleeve?


Actually the Zika virus has been around for a hundred years.
All of a sudden it is causing birth defects.
It seems like something has changed.
Some new variables are massive pesticide use and the release of GMO varieties into the mix, but that could just be coincidence.

Oh and let me address the GMO industry shills who will respond to this issue.
Humans have be breeding fish and tomatoes together for millions of years.
However it is only recently with GMO techniques that they have been successful in their breeding program to combine the genes of these two organisms so that tomatoes will have the freeze resistance of fish.


People need not worry about these GMO mosquitoes.
Each one will contain a miniature QR code that you can use a miniature smartphone to look up a miniature website to read the fine print about them.


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(Gm Watch.org) reports feb.10,2016 “Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns” state that Brasil officials added the larvicide Pyriproxyfen to the drinking water supply in 2014 in mosquito infected areas of Brasil. The physicians challenge the theory that the Zika virus is the cause of the birth defect microcephaly; however, state Pyriproeyfen and the birth defects are no coincidence, Pyriproxyfen manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, strategic partner, wait for it, MONSANTO!


The gift of Genetic Engineering keeps on giving. Yes when humanity starts working with Genetic Engineering, under the guise of medical research that will benefit humanity this is one likely result. The genie is out of the bottle on this one, just as Ebola is out of the bottle, so is Zika.


GM Mosquito Trial Strains Ties in Gates-Funded Project | Science …
ScienceNov 16, 2010 - The program, funded by a $19.7 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates … Oxitec has received $5 million from the Gates program.

Bill Gates is involved with Vaccine Development and involved with Oxitex, the company involved with releasing GMO mosquitos in Brazil, and now in the US.
THe connections becoming unveiled.


The Human Ape can be so clever with its technology, whether that be Computer Tech, Genetic Engineering, Weather Engineering, Nuclear Power and weapons engineering… and so forth. So Clever, Yet Until Humans become wise, we will all be in great danger & peril… Our environment is reflecting back what we have wrought here…


Oh, like follow the “scientifically sound decisions” of say, creating a Nuclear Industry without regard with what to do with the waste, or maybe “scientifically sound decisions” like NIST “proving” no explosives were used to take down WTC7 because, well they didn’t look for them?

Those kind of scientifically credible decisions?


Dear bystander, Humans have been breeding fish and tomatoes together for millions of years. Question, have you been talking to Ray Davies’ little green man in his head?


Lamar Smith, the Chair of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology has been one of the loudest voices against more funding to combat the Zika virus. Doing so would put a crack in his wall of climate denial. Smith has a general election opponent, a man who endorsed Sanders for President late last year. A man who fought a hard primary battle, defeating a very conservative democrat 60% to 40% despite spending only $3,000 compared to the conservative democrat who spend $50,000. But he needs your help. His name is Tom Wakely and his website is wakley2016.com


The waste issue is purely political. If fast breeder reactors are used, very little waste is produced. As it is, the volume of waste is minuscule. You live in California and have never seen a coal mine or particularly an MTR strip mine - or a coal-burning power plant. Go to one if you want to see volumes of waste.


You gotta love how those in the less-intellectual branch of the US-left represented here never addresses the points a person makes in a civil manner. Instead they heap insults and impugn the motives of anyone who disagree with them. Anyone they don’t agree with is simply a “shill” for this or that bogeyman. It is laughable and disgusting.


This is all part of Bill Gates and the NWO population reduction plan. So shut up and eat your GMO laden foods and radioactive fish from the Pacific ocean. And wash it down with some radioactive water.

EPA Raises Allowable Radiation In Drinking Water By 27,000 Times, Allows 1 in 1.7 People Cancer Rate, Canada 7 MILLION Bq/M Radiation Allowed In Drinking H2O.


My point …like GMO soy and corn hosed down with glyphosate to kill the weeds, the weeds became (GMO) weeds. Now cambia has been added to glyphosate because the weeds adapted…the process of evolution in the natural world is fast. Soon the weeds will be GMO ready for what is essentially agent orange. Yes, the zika virus has been around for a while but its connection to a high rate of microcephaly is new. The mosquito is the same ole mosquito but the virus it carries has adapted! Like the weeds, the virus will continues to adapt.