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Amidst Law Enforcement Crackdown, DAPL Company Warns Water Protectors: Get Out, Or Else


Amidst Law Enforcement Crackdown, DAPL Company Warns Water Protectors: Get Out, Or Else

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

To the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies who stepped up their resistance this weekend with a new protest camp reclaimed through eminent domain, Dakota Access Pipeline developer Energy Transfer Partners has a stern message: get out or face prosecution.


Dept of jUstice ?? To DAPL "O pretty please ,, stop work for a bit ,, will you? " dAPL to DOJ ,,," ,,,go f... yourselves! " Who's in charge here?


It interesting how this pipeline might well act to push the land claims of the First Nations peoples in the USA to the forefront. Now I do NOT think they have a friend in the Courts as the US Courts are fully tools of the State but if I look at this objectively the Ft Laramie Treaty gives a whole lot of credibility to the claims by the First Nations involved.

The US Government in fact admitted it had violated said treaty but in order to make redress simply indicated it would pay money in compensation. The Tribes in question did not agree to this and from what I understand never accepted that money.


I think most of the politicians want to end the oil trains because so many people are at risk so I don't think they will help out on this. Transporting oil by pipeline is considered to be safer than transporting oil by train and therefore it will probably be very difficult for the water protectors to win. Maybe it can be rerouted. But so far I have not heard that suggested.


I am reminded of a quote from former Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis, back in 1928.

I wonder if those representing "the law," truly consider themselves to be upholding the law by attacking the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies. They seem to think that these protests constitute anarchy, if their rhetoric is honest. But I continue to be astounded by how clearly unjust the "law" is being, and how just the "anarchy."

No matter how hard they try to legalize injustice, they cannot make it right.


So the pipeline company is stealing more native land - Native land never ceded by treaty, and neither Clinton nor O say "boo" ... surprise, surprise ... this is a Fed'l matter and all the Feds do is sit on their hands and say "pretty please, oil company, don't dig up any more ..."


Actually the first route proposed, so i understand, was just east of Bismarck, the capital, but folks there objected out of fear it would - surprise, surprise, endanger their water supply. So instead it was routed through Native land - cause who cares about their water supply ...

The answer, quite clearly is not to substitute pipes for trains but to stop transporting that crap altogether ...


Exactly my reaction when reading the end of the article. It is irresponsible if not outright intentionally biased.


Trump, shillary, are both evil destroyers of Mother Earth!
Vote for Peace, and saving our Sacred Planet! Green Now, Green always!
Jill Stein in 2016!


The Iron Heel (Jack London).


Hang tough, Native American neighbors. Do not cede to the powers threatening you. The burden is on them to find a way to transport their fossil fuel in a way that doesn't endanger the truly essential natural resource, water of drinkable quality. Enough! of investor profits. Let them scramble instead of you.


Right: the Feds "request" that industry "voluntarily" cease.


Money trumps, pun intended, everything. My suggestion is to run a pipeline through the private, residential property mansions of the GREEDY CORPORATE SLIME BALLS THAT ARE HELL-BENT ON DESTROYING THE PRIVATE PROPERTY OF THE SIOUX NATION...........:skull_crossbones:


Nope. Not a single major-party politician of which I'm aware has EVER talked about the oil trains before KXL and DAP came up. They could easily deal with the risks of the oil trains: forcing the companies involved to replace the "pop cans on wheels" with more secure tank cars would be a start.

And you miss the essential point: these pipelines would make tar sands oil & fracked gas more profitable, continuing to stimulate the market for fossil fuels while suppressing the investment in / market for renewables. But what else would we expect from you, the master apologist for the corporatists.


A request from the DoJ is no such thing as you characterize it. In fact, the latest e-mail in response to Archambault, as published by the local news quoted in the article, affirms the Dpt "has been in communications with state and local law enforcement officials, as well as tribal representatives and protesters." Such communications must be taken seriously, and it's clear where this is going.

You are not in charge here.


I think the Sioux tribes are playing this brilliantly. There are now federal DOJ observers at the site to be sure the police follow the law.



The only people rioting are the police


And you might as well be. Routine strip searches for 19 year old female peaceful protesters? No problem right?


Hey Standing Rock Sioux, get off the land that we stole from you! (deplorable sarcasm)

Capitalism has a way of demonizing those that it steals from. The "fraud triangle" is opportunity, which capitalism provides; pressure, which the bankers and investors provides; and rationalization, which is the demonizing that the capitalist thieves provide.


Gosh....our department of justice is really going all out to ask the company to voluntarily stop. I guess it is part of the "Kinder and gentler" Obama administration approach to banks, big business and oil companies. They could get aggressive, go to court and take other strong actions against this company - but wait - they only do that to the little people. Remember - tough law and order is for the little folks not the CEOs. Prison is for the poor not the rich. If the cop beats you it's ok - if your defend yourself - bad, bad. It's America. What do you expect?