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Amnesia & Lack of Accountability Reign as Wall Street Celebrates Halliburton’s 100-year Anniversary


Amnesia & Lack of Accountability Reign as Wall Street Celebrates Halliburton’s 100-year Anniversary

Lauren Smith

When it comes to the ruling elite’s corporate plunder and crimes against humanity, the U.S. national memory’s short and no one, not even its political henchmen, assume blame or suffer real consequences: take Halliburton and former chief executive and U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney for example. Not only did Cheney plan and justify the invasion, occupation and pilferage of Iraq's oil, gold bars and national museum treasures under treasonous false pretenses, but its subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR Inc.), overcharged the U.S.


Democrats in the House must create new legislation to limit the Presidents ability to wage war.


It seems I read somewhere that it’s not as much war for huge profiteering as it is war out of fiscal desperation. Makes some sense. We spend like proverbial drunken sailors.


And they Hypnotize us with their bullshit stories of necessity…


“Imperialism is insatiable and fascism expedient.” Capitalism is both. It externalizes all human values except for profit. Capitalism will cooperate with and benefit from any ideology that increases its power.
Consequently, when culture has been impoverished and saturated with this thinking, its proponents glide seamlessly into fascism and authoritarianism. Fascism and imperialism lubricate and expand the power of capitalism. It’s all good - from the capitalist perspective.
We can easily see this at work so many places, but now, it is wise to note that the capitalist leaders of America, especially under Trump, are happy to cooperate with the fascist Russian state that is devoted to destroying democracy, destabilizing the EU, and promoting hatred and lies to attain power and $$$$.
What does it say about the ‘patriotic’, ‘democratic’ American culture that the ‘values’ of capitalism so easily coalesce with a those of a vicious Russian gangster and his entourage of criminal oligarchs? When the Thugs and Dems won’t remove a president from office bankrolled by the Russian state actors, with numerous accomplices already charged and convicted, it appears fascism and authoritarianism are already well established.


Excellent article, focuses on actual powers who undermine democracy and life in the USA and the world, and how they operate, and how they get away with it. The US government is effectively a vast criminal conspiracy. And who holds them accountable? Us? What do we do?

“The time to hold the ruling elite accountable is now before another invasion and occupation is executed against a fake enemy that just so happens to coincidentally have a large desirable oil reserve. Let’s follow Iceland’s lead and seek the prosecution of white-collar criminals that hide behind a facade of corporate stock holdings now, before its too late and they strike again in Venezuela and Iran.”

We need to go on strike as “consumers.” Stop driving, stop buying, stop wasting, stop spending. Look to each other, take care of each other, talk to each other about how power actually operates, and what the world could be if accountability were actually carried out.

Sound scary, risky? How scary and risky is continuing in the direction we are now headed? FYI: We are now headed directly toward complete social breakdown and ecological collapse.