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Amnesty International: Gina Haspel's Nomination Should Be Withdrawn, Her Role in Torture Investigated

Amnesty International: Gina Haspel's Nomination Should Be Withdrawn, Her Role in Torture Investigated

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Citing her alleged role in torture, Amnesty International on Monday called on President Donald Trump to withdraw his nomination of Gina Haspel to head the CIA, and said that rather that sit before Senate for a confirmation hearing, she should face a Justice Department investigation.

The rights group warned that having her at the helm of the spy agency could pave the way for the president's "rhetoric on torture" to become reality.

The only way trump withdraws Bloody Gina’s name is if they let me water-board him. Trump has never faced hardship ever in his life, much less anything like torture. This is a game to him. The last sentence is the problem. Our repug. lightweights have already confirmed her, worthless to the core.
I almost forgot, ole Gina could use a little fear of drowning herself.

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Were she not a sociopath, she would have already withdrawn her own name. She committed crimes: first by supporting torture and second by erasing the evidence. Perhaps had it not been erased she could have proven that she was not culpable. The fact that Schumer, Feinstein and democratic company will support her is because they allowed it to happen. They in my opinion are even more despicable.

I’m reminded of a scene from the film “Training Day,” in which the veteran narcotics officer played by Denzel Washington advises his rookie partner to participate in ripping off a drug dealer. “The boys won’t trust you until you’ve got a little dirt on you.”

The threat of having one’s darkest secrets exposed is the glue that holds the oligarchy together. See also Nancy “Impeachment Is Off the Table” Pelosi.

"In March 2018, Feinstein called on the agency to declassify documents related to Haspel’s role in the program:

" As we move forward with the nomination process for Ms. Haspel, my fellow Senators and I must have the complete picture of Ms. Haspel’s involvement in the program in order to fully and fairly review her record and qualifications. I also believe the American people deserve to know the actual role the person nominated to be the director of the CIA played in what I consider to be one of the darkest chapters in American history."

Gee, maybe if Obama had upheld the law she might not be facing a confirmation hearing, but a prison sentence instead.

Torture is not only against US law, but international law too and he knew that. As others have stated, “just because someone gave her permission to do that doesn’t make it legal.” And Gina knows that as does congress.

Obama wanted to make sure that he wasn’t prosecuted for his war crimes either. Not one US president has been prosecuted for them, but then again, no NATO country has been either. The winners not only make the rules, they get to enforce them too.

I would say she is a generation late but many corporate dollars ahead.

Yeah, I’m disappointed about that too. But this is one of the things she did right. And, there were others.