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Amnesty International Reveals Extent of Facebook, YouTube Complicity in Vietnamese State Repression

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/amnesty-international-reveals-extent-facebook-youtube-complicity-vietnamese-state


Scuse me, but isn’t harassment and censorship part of the communist manifesto?
Seems the Vietnamese would get doses of those anyway.

It would appear that Facebook, U-tube, et. al, need to have their legal status changed and be held to traditional journalistic responsibilities.

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Hey they are just trying to make a living.

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Just imagine what they’d do to us, if so instructed…

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Hate to say this, but this article reads like something from the Washington Post.

I’m open to additional information on the matter, but I have yet to hear anyone living in Vietnam including fellow leftists, including Vietnamese ones, ever refer to Vietnam as “repressive”. In fact, it is a really nice place to live and has transformed itself from war-ravaged poverty to broadly shared prosperity over only 3 decades…


…and we don’t hear much from the dissident Chinese either - at least the live ones. In these regimes a complaint essentially signs the death warrants for you and your family.

Perhaps you and @Senior_Citizen_71 missed this article about attacks on journalists in Vietnam here at CD.


Yes I remember it, but as I recall there haven’t been any attacks on U-Tube of Facebook workers. Why? because they tow the government line. The only control over social media that government needs is to absolutely restrict censorship and require absolute privacy.

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Agree, and my reply was focused more towards @Yunzer, who seems to believe Vietnam is “a really nice place to live”.