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Amnesty Urges US Mayors and Governors to Protect People From Armed Right-Wing Groups Plotting New Attacks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/13/amnesty-urges-us-mayors-and-governors-protect-people-armed-right-wing-groups


What I am about to suggest may seem counter intuitive, but it will be necessary. When the right wing mobs are out in full force all across this country in these coming days leading up to the inauguration, WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO STAY HOME. I know, we all think that fascism needs to be confronted, but in this case just the opposite. The whole nation needs to see the crazed and delusional violence that will rear its ugly head when these white supremacy, nazi, fascist treasonous mobs go all rambo in state after state. LET THE POLICE AND NATIONAL GUARD DO THERE DUTY, and I believe that the overwhelming majority will. When tv screens show the right wing trumpist cult thugs for what they are, their power will be diminished. LET THERE BE NO BOTH SIDESISM TO TALK ABOUT FROM EVEN THE MOST RABID OF RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA MEDIA.


Amnesty has it all backwards. Their suggested actions is like closing the barn door after all the horses have already escaped. The insurrections at the Capitol and the State capitols is a symptom of the disease within our faux democracy. And the disease is capitalism and the global oligarchs that run this joint, centered in the US government.

Constructive change is NEVER going to come from the top of government. Positive change can only rise up (hopefully peaceful) from the people in their communities seizing the right to govern in the places where they live by creating laws and governance that protects their own health, safety, and welfare and that of the environment/ecosystems upon which their lives depend. Our communities have no such legal rights under our current system of laws.

It is long past time to make changes to our system of governance and laws at all levels to be of, by, and for the people, and the rights of ecosystems to exist and flourish.


Exactly! This too shall pass. And when it does, We the People in our own communities need to discuss how we got to this point and what we want to see happen for our collective well being for the future.


I suspect the capitol buildings in Alabama and Mississippi will remain quiet this weekend. The only reason any of these “freedumb fighters” could possibly have for “liberating” either one would be to steal toilet paper.

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