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'Among Stupidest Policies Yet Proposed,' Trump EPA to Lower Car Emissions Standards

'Among Stupidest Policies Yet Proposed,' Trump EPA to Lower Car Emissions Standards

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After more than a year of aggressively lobbying the Trump administration to gut Obama-era fuel efficiency standards aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emmissions, automakers are poised to finally have their wish granted on Sunday, when EPA chief Scott Pruitt is scheduled to officially declare the rules "not appropriate."


I’m a Tesla owner, and…

Oh, never mind.


“… among the stupidest policies yet proposed…”

Talk about your crowded fields.


The Fossil Fuel Fetish Fools!


Both GM and Ford have among the vilest records in the history of our country. I wouldn’t own one of their vehicles if it was offered free of charge, brand new. Despicable people.


Which EV technology has more potential to reduce emissions - all-battery EVs like the Tesla or plug-in hybrids? Answer: plug-in hybrids. There are practical applications of all-battery EVs, but solving travel-related problems - traffic congestion, accidents, costs, impacts, economic resilience - is less possible with Tesla and luxury EVs that can travel long distances as if that isn’t a part of the problem. The smaller battery pack of PHEVs distributes energy to more households and creates more incentives to drive less.


What is even more stupid is our collective willingness to tolerate Donald and his wrecking crew, day after week after month.
Then, when his first term ends and we survey the destruction, we’ll be asking “wha’ happen?”


The number one source of greenhouse gas emissions in the US is tailpipe emissions from cars and trucks. The science is clear, but so are the fascists in the Trump administration, the truth is what Trump says it is.


Recall the 2009 US taxpayer funded bailout of GM wherein GM used the money to 1) shutdown US factories, 2) buy back stock, and 3) expand production in China to the extent that for at least the past two years new Buicks in US dealers’ showrooms are made in China. A GM plant built more than a half century ago in Fremont, California that was shut down in 2010 is where Teslas are assembled today.


Cloud Cuckoo land. Now you can see why Trump also pushes for higher tariffs on imported automobiles even as he presses countries to open their markets to more US goods.

As an American Consumer you will have to pay a much higher prices for imported automobiles that are manufactured in jurisidictions where standards are higher. If those other Countries limit import of US manufactured vehicles due to them having higher emissions standards, the US will charge it an unfair trade barrier. (The US already does this across a whide variety of industries)


Each day brings plenty of examples (like this article in CD) of how the headlines can and do get worse as the u.s. leads the way in expediting the collapse of the biosphere.

And in the midst of all the horrid news, cognitive dissonance abounds in the realm of progressives (I am in that realm)

Just got off the phone with a friend, a progressive (and vegan/drives a prius) who is excited about the amount he made in his retirement accounts over the past few years.
Then went on to talk about how much he hates trump.

It is amazing how many progressives I know that have the ability to compartmentalize their 401k’s; separating their retirement accounts from the reality of the u.s. empire with the embodiment of oligarchy via trump at the helm.

If the djia keeps rising (as it is yet again today) than trump and his supporters can (wrongly and stupidly of course) justify his presidency. As an aside, I wonder what % of the population understands what the djia and nasdaq are?

The biosphere is collapsing with the arctic melting, oceans acidifying but that isn’t going to bring trump down. (Sarcasm:) Who cares about a habitable planet? Dow jones industrial average numbers take precedence over Co2 numbers (410.07 on 3/28)

An evident collapse of the “economy” with an accompanying plunge in the djia might might be the only thing the gets the repubs out. BUT that will not be enough to rid the world of the u.s. oligarchy which includes the dems. And again, many progressives I know haven’t a clue what investments make up their 401 k’s (Wells Fargo anyone? Fossil fuel stocks?).

Retirement accounts in the Sixth Extinction----cognitive dissonance abounds.


Teslas are just toys for the rich…


All cars were toys for the rich until Ford applied mass production techniques in 1909.

Tesla is an ideas company and is still learning how to execute, including applying viable mass production techniques.


Trump is rewarding his base and baser than base voters. I can just picture it now, Bubba Billy Bob rolling down the road in an old Ford half ton pick up with a huge billowing cloud behind him. Air pollution? What air pollution? Oh yeah - the real air pollution is Trump running his blabber mouth.

I think the real problem in the lowering standards issue is we allowed Trump, a sexist, racist idiot multi billionaire to get elected president. And he has been absolutely horrific.


Except that during the recent big car show in Detroit, the three big US automakers announced that they will be phasing out making cars (i.e. conventional coupes and sedans) altogether. They are claiming that the only kind vehicle US buyers want are SUV’s and pickup trucks. So they are already tooling up with the full expectation of these fuel economy standard rollbacks.

Of course, automakers long ago became masters of self-fulfilling prophecy - filling the deal lots with only cars that they want us to want, rather than what WE “want to want”, this assuring that buyers buy these ponderous SUVs, Because there is simply nothing available without going through much time and great expense shopping for something else.

Meanwhile, ordinary, non-hybrid cars on the dealer lots in Europe and Japan get fuel economy that, in the US, would be regarded as science fiction.


It’s amazing how destructive the capitalist system now is. It is a system where many of the dominant people and companies profit off of externalizing their costs off onto others, future generations and ecosystems. In fact, the more they can the more profits they’ll see. It’s a cost shifting thing, and it will be determined by power dynamics. Simply put, they’ve bought horrible people in power that have no soul and don’t give a damn about their kids, grandkids, the country or much anything else. We always talk about people being on trial at the Hague for war crimes, well, we should establish something for crimes like this. Pruitt and those running companies like Exxon should pay for what they’ve done, in money and years in jail. The stupidity of this from a policy and economic perspective is staggering though.


At least since Saint Ron removed Carter’s photovoltaic panels from the white house roof while ascending the throne in 1981 the US has been turning itself into a third world nation.

Trump eliminating emission standards is a great leap further toward the US attaining full third world status.


If we paid for the environmental damages associated with cars (or most anything else), we’d have a radically different society and economic system, and things as small as cell phones and computers would be luxury items that are out of the reach of most people. Some (that know dick about economics or economic history) have argued that this particular globalization is inevitable. It’s as silly as this stupid decision. In no way has the global economy been structured in a way that is environmentally sustainable, and it will only sustain itself politically and socially by ditching democracy. I realize that if certain products weren’t made in places like China and Bangladesh, they’d be too expensive to buy, but maybe people ought to think about the fact that things are cheap that shouldn’t be. If we have to produce things under authoritarian and slave like conditions, and if we need to destroy the natural environment we need for resources and a sink for wastes, maybe we shouldn’t be buying that stuff. The people that call themselves the adults in the room are fucking children and don’t understand a damn thing about what is coming for us environmentally. If they did, there’d be no “moderates” left.


Chump trump’s braindead supporters can kiss my ass.

Spot on! The clanging of the cog-dissonance of your friend should be deafening!

As for me, with not even the option of a social-responsibility fund in the federal employee retirement thrift plan, I have had no choice but to keep all my money out of the stock funds - no doubt heavy with oil and corporate war machine assets - and instead put it in the government bond “G” fund, which earns, maybe, a measly 2 to 2.5% a year. As a result, I have deliberately foregone hundreds of thousands of dollars of earnings - most of it in the huge stock market explosion that, yes, is largely due to the election of Trump and the wild economic optimism it triggered.

But do I expect others - especially people with children to do this? Hell no, and I would not be such a fool as to exhort anyone else to do so!

Why is doing the right thing punished so!? Peter Maurin co-founder with Dorothy Day of the radical anarchist Catholic Worker Movement, used to write in his Zen-like “Easy Essays” of a world where it is “easy to be good”. We are so far from that and I am starting to cry right now thinking about it…