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'Among the Biggest Grifters in American History': Wilbur Ross Accused of Stealing More Than $120 Million


'Among the Biggest Grifters in American History': Wilbur Ross Accused of Stealing More Than $120 Million

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the flagrant and often downright bizarre corruption of so many current and former Trump administration officials has dominated the headlines in recent weeks, White House Commerce Secretary and mega-millionaire Wilbur Ross's long history of


Yep , the Government being “run like a business” just like all those Libertarians of the Koch Ilk wanted. Nothing but crooks and thieves in charge,


Well, I have been looking for a scrotum purse in which to carry my ducats…


Steal BIG and they crown you Emperor. Steal small and they make you are a criminal. And if you are black, you don’t need to do anything but be black.


And despite all the facts and information readily available politicians running on the ticket to run their political office “like a business” are being voted into that office. Stupid voters !


I have to admit that purely from a business point of view, one of the best business decisions Trump ever made in his life… was becoming POTUS!


The Forbes piece is long on accusation and thin on evidence for Ross skimming.

It’s a summary of a lawsuit, which doesn’t appear to have gone to discovery yet.

I realize it’s what we all suspect of Trump backers like Ross, but absent evidence, and some could emerge, Common Dreams needs to be careful to make it clear it’s a set of accusations from a Ross Company insider.

Also Common Dreams has conflated settled lawsuits and penalties with this huge amount of money Ross is alleged to of lifted for himself from clients.


This is a good report to publicize, but the fact is the entire structure of property and wealth in the modern economy is built on theft, mass murder, and enslavement.

And it’s not “in the past” it all continues today. The very basis of today’s economy, the “limited-liabilty, investor-owned corporation” was literally invented to carry out colonization and grand theft continental (British East India Company, Dutch East India Company, Hudson’s Bay Company etc.), and the predatory behaviors of the modern corporation follow in these footsteps. “Privatization” of water resources, “land-grabs” going on in Africa, these are the modern forms of colonization.

We the People need to put an end to the economy of theft and colonization, not just “petty billionaires” like Wilbur Ross but the entire whole-system structure of wealth and ownership that prevails.


Get a Rope…


And you, and Common Dreams here, is convicting Ross with a trial.

Also this is a lawsuit brought by a former Ross employee, who would be a cheated party, not a set of criminal charges.


Do you want to know how to end all this, have we not had enough of rich old white corrupt men.
The first thing we must do is make every single monetary transaction open to public scrutiny.Nothing breeds appropriate behaviour faster than the light if public scrutiny.
Transparency is another word for visibility ,visibility is another word for truth.
A few millennia ago a nice young man kicked out the money changers ,time to do it again !
He also said something profound …“The truth shall set you free”.


The entire administration and half of Congress needs to be tried, sentenced and executed by firing squad on the National Mall live on CNN.

We MUST apply the death penalty (which I’m otherwise against) against them all as a lesson to future despots that we aren’t having any of it.

If we let them go, like we did Bush and Cheney, the next time will be multiples worse than this time which was multiples worse than W’s regime.


Ala Les Miserables, non?


There ya go again confusing people from their daily diet of it’s all the fault of Trump, “his people,” and the Rooskies. Come on now will ya. Reality is just so depressing, besides your comment doesn’t fit in a Tweet and contains context. In other words: Thank You.


A real-life Mr Potter…and worse…
scum of the earth…


Wha…? CD provided information about settled amounts and pending suits.
There is no ‘trial’ going on here.
Do we know that Ross is a first class grifter? Why yes, of course; Ross is exactly the type of guy who Don the Con likes to hire.
I seriously doubt that CD will be sued, if that is what you are trying to imply.
You are grasping a parsing straws here.
That you are choosing to ‘sort of’ defend Ross is just more than a wee bit puzzling; new law student are ye? and you might want to proof read your comments…


Asset forfeiture first!


I think the climate deniers who have fought every sensible idea brought up by 95% of scientists should be charged with murder. All those around the world who have died in fires or flooding should be laid at the feet of those who knew 40 years ago that climate change would happen just as predicted. Those who have lost their homes and even the islands they lived on should be compensated for their losses.
Critters like Ross can steal millions and get rewarded, the little guy who is a few days late on a house payment can end up loosing his house.


Yeah, I’ve been saying that for many years. My example has always been the technocrats (e.g., Gates, Brin) who make fortunes by selling crap to the masses (Gates) or selling quality products to the masses with external costs so vast as to be hardly estimated (Brin–Google, and my recommended punishment drawing and quartering in the public square, one of the most horrific punishments ever devised.

But political despots would serve at least as well, as would firing squads on CNN direct from the Mall.


Only $120 million? Ross is a piker!